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White woman blocks black man from entering luxury St Louis loft (fired)

Pictured, D’Arreion Nuriyah Toles. Image via Facebook

‘Do you live here?’ D’Arreion Nuriyah Toles, ‘black man’ accosted by white woman, Hilary Brooke at  Elder Shirt Lofts, St Louis- Missouri residence. 

Viral cellphone footage has revealed a confrontation between two tenants at a luxury St Louis, Missouri condo- when a white female stopped a black man, demanding the man show proof he live there.

D’Arreion Nuriyah Toles was returning home from a late night at the office when a tenant who lived on the third floor of downtown- Elder Shirt Lofts created a roadblock

‘You are blocking me into my building. This is my building as well. So, I need you to get out of my way.’ Toles is heard telling the woman, to no avail- who continues to stand in the ‘black’ man’s way.

The woman, identified as Hilary Brooke– a property manager at an apartment building managed by Tribeca, STL- then begins to questions Toles by asking what unit he lives in. 

The man refuses to tell her which specific unit he lived in, telling the woman, ‘it’s none of your business.’

Upon showing Brooke a key fob – substantiating that he was indeed a resident- Toles then moves past the woman (since i’d as Hillary Brooke Thornton), before taking an elevator to the fourth floor.

But it doesn’t end there. Instead of leaving the man be. The woman instead chose to enter the elevator with Toles as she followed ‘the black resident’. 

D’Arreion Toles implores social media not to seek revenge against ‘racist’ white woman:

The videos which have since gone viral into the millions elicited sympathy and solidarity for the resident and outrage towards Brooke. Toles in turn implored commentators to remain calm.

‘I appreciate all of the love and support. Like I said, don’t respond negatively. Don’t go after the lady. Let her be at peace. Let her live her life,’ said Toles.

Adding, ‘I am not mad at her. I am not upset with her. I am not going to go after her legally or anything like that. I wish her the best. I would still have a conversation with her’.

Toles added that he was ‘blown away’ that the tenant acted the way she did.

‘I am just glad I had my camera out,’ he said. ‘If I did not have my camera out, I feel it could have gone a totally different way.’

Police later showed up at his loft but left without giving anyone a citation.

Efforts by to contact Brooke to get her side of the story were met with no response.

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