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President Mahama, do not let the sycophants deceive you, please pay attention to Dr. Aidoo's frank criticism ! We need people like him in Ghana!

Prosecute anybody found to have misappropriated funds; Mahama orders A-G

From: Ghana l Myjoyonline.com l Malik Abass Daabu


President John Dramani Mahama says he has ordered the Attorney-General and Minister of Justice to begin prosecuting all persons indicted for financial misappropriation by the Auditor-General.
He said immediate action will be taken by the A-G’s department to bring to justice persons cited by the Auditor-General for causing financial loss to the state.
The president was speaking in the Volta Regional capital, Ho, at the launch a forum to discuss the sustainability of the single spine salary scheme.
He said the directive formed part of the government’s measures “to block leakages and theft of government revenues.”

The Auditor-Genral in his 2011 audit report said that he discovered “Significant irregularities,” in the financial administration of government departments and agencies.
In the report submitted to Parliament, the Auditor-General said, “I have also drawn attention to several instances of non-compliance with financial and other regulations,as well as errors that occurred in transactions.”
The President said the persons responsible for those infractions will be prosecuted.

He said the government was “taking desperate measures to increase revenues in order to balance the budget” and it is important that all loopholes through which revenues leak are sealed.
The government has been accused of introducing wide-ranging taxes in a matter that will make life unbearable for ordinary citizens but President Mahama said, “It is only when we increase the size of the cake that each one of us can claim a bigger share of it.”