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Moesha Boduong

Ex-Obengfo Nurse leaks shocking list of ‘Obengfo celebs’ with evidence has obtained from a former Obengfo Hospital nurse who worked at the facility between 2013 and 2017 a list of celebrities and non-celebrities in Ghana who are beneficiaries of Dr Obengfo’s plastic surgery and making the list include both Ghanaian and Nigerian celebrities.

Dr Obengfo who we learnt keeps a list of his clients very confidential however sometimes relied on the nurse to update the list for him with names, dates and photographs of before and after.

In a series we are embarking on, the first set of Ghanaian celebrities exposed in the melee include actress and TV personality Joselyn Dumas, Moesha Buduong and Gambian ‘childish’ celebrity Princess Shyngle.

For Moesha, the nurse revealed that she didn’t take note of Moesha until after the surgery process when Moesha started making waves “all over the place”. But she recalled Moesha got a waiver of some of the cost in return for her modelling as. Advanced Body Sculp Hospital at Obengfo. Moesha upheld her end of the deal until later when she backed off and paid the money difference to Obengfo in return he was to delete all her model photos for the hospital on social media. laid hands on one such Moesha shoots which were posted by Dr Obengfo in December 2016 Christmas.

The evidence for this is attached to this story as the nurse said.

We have also laid hands on the before and after of Joselyn Dumas, as she visited Obengfo Hospital as one of its early clients before it made a name.

Joselyn Dumas was struggling with weight loss after the birth of her son and was very plump. You will see the attached pictures.

The nurse believes Joselyn Dumas linked her Nigerian friends to Dr Obengfo. Joselyn Dumas underwent her session about 6 years ago.

In fact, the nurse made reference to a December 2014 story which Dr Obengfo sponsored in the Graphic showbiz to hype some of his select clients. This included Joselyn Dumas, Shyngle, among others.

The Graphic showbiz story was shared by Dr Obengfo himself in 2014 on Facebook to encourage more clients to come.

Dr Dominic Obeng- Andoh or Obengfo as he is known, is the owner and manager of Advanced body Sculpt in Ghana. He has been in the news, and lately, was caged by the police for allegedly ‘murdering’ the Deputy Chief Executive Officer for National Entrepreneurship Innovation Programme (NEIP). He has since been on bail.

Dr Obengfo was back in the news early, early on when a friend of Moesha Boudoung and presenter at Okay FM, Abena Moet revealed and confirm rumors that Moesha underwent surgery to lift her boobs and ass at Dr Obengfo’s hospital.

Also, Afia Schwarzenegger has said she will release a list of Ghanaian female celebrities who are believed to be the end products of Obengfo’s hand work.

But long before any list, has obtained details that will shock our readers as we serialize.


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