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Rev. Dr. Mensah Otabil

Fiifi Kwetey: Otabil biased with his critique of Ghana’s leadership


Fiifi Kwetey

Fiifi Kwetey

The Minister of Financial and Allied institutions at the Presidency says Pastor Mensa Otabil’s analysis of the leadership ‘crisis’ in Ghana is “partial”.

Mr. Kwetey told XYZ Breakfast Show Host Moro Awudu on Monday August 5, 2013 that Dr. Otabil has not been consistent with his assertion that bad leadership is the bane of Ghana’s development as he appears to be advocating.

Dr. Otabil recently reiterated his call for African Leaders to change their leadership style so as to propel the continent unto a higher pedestal.

He was speaking at the International Central Gospel Church’s Greater Works 2013 Summit in Accra.

According to him, “…If you come to me as a Ghanaian and you say ‘what does Ghana want to achieve in the next 10 years’, I don’t know, do you?” Dr. Otabil asked his congregation on Thursday in Accra during his church’s 2013 Greater Works Summit.

“So if the nation doesn’t have such a simple message for everybody that is coherent with our aspirations, how do you expect the people to willingly follow,” the International Central Gospel Church (ICGC) General Overseer bemoaned.

He observed that the situation in Ghana as far as leadership is concerned also pertains to other African countries.

“…I’m sure the same goes for Nigeria or Ivory Coast or most African Countries; they may have an idea – I’m not saying our leaders don’t have an idea – but the idea is so sometimes too academic and sometimes the idea is not clear; you don’t really know what they want to achieve but they want us to participate”, he observed.

However, Mr. Kwetey says Dr. Otabil appears to shift the goal post depending on which political party is in power in Ghana.

“…In the year 2000, I remember he went on and on and on about how leadership was the bane of Ghana and that was in the run up to the election which NDC lost and sometime in 2001, 2002, in his series of preaching, suddenly Pastor Mensa Otabil started saying that the people of Ghana had a problem, it is not the leadership, it’s the people of Ghana”.

“…There’s a need for consistency that’s why I’m saying he is partially right and partially wrong”.