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My duty to country :come back Ghana come back the model state!

MY DUTY TO COUNTRY – Come Back Ghana, Come Back The Mode State

My desire is not to become the new President per se. In fact, it isn’t to even form a new political party. My desire is to create a new and a fairer STATE. To become a President is to have the mandate of the people to achieve this objective. If I could get the same outcome in any other capacity, I would.

A political party contests for political power. A political Movement leads people to effect a political change and thereby obtain a political goal. In other words, a Movement leads the nation to create a new STATE. The essence is not power per se, but power that works for a positive change. We are a political movement and our narrative is broader than a political party.

If you don’t change bad politics for good, bad politics will change you for good. Good people have left the field for the foxes forever. We have come to catch the foxes, the little foxes that spoil the vineyard.

It is dereliction of duty and bad citizenship for capable people to murmur on social media while the state, because of bad leadership, steadily slides into the realm of a “re-colony”. This alone is enough motivation to start a Movement to rescue, resuscitate and restore Ghana as the model state in Africa.

But there are more reasons.

When Aggrey of Africa (AoA) was asked whether he would like to reincarnate as a white man, the great man said, “No. I would like to come back as a black man and teach my people the good things I have learned from the white man.’’ According to AoA, a patriot is the one who goes out there, learns the best practice and brings it home to help his people bridge the gap with the rest of mankind.

Diaspora best practice plus our own best systems, result in AoA’s ‘’only the best is good for Africa.’’ Osibisa was a product of this fusion of ideas. The knowledge we acquire from outside shouldn’t be for self-aggrandizement and entitlement but for community development and prosperity.

Aggrey might have taken a cue from a gentleman, a generation older than him – Tetteh Quarshie (TQ). TQ went to Fernando Po in 1870 to buy coal tar for his blacksmith business. He came into contact with cocoa, and immediately changed his mind to pursue the Golden Beans. The Swiss-trained blacksmith from Osu, the most cosmopolitan town in the model colony decided to spend 6years of his adult life in a village in a primitive Spanish colony. Why? To bring the best back to Ghana.

The country of Aggrey and TQ should never be in the mess we are today if the two mean more than names of a secondary school and an interchange. The two should remind us that our duty to country is to get the best from outside and bring it home.

I am a disciple of AoA, and a descendant of TQ. TQ brought cocoa to Ghana to build our economy. I want to bring Afremocracy, a fusion of the best practices in politics from Ghana and the diaspora. Afremocracy is the political cocoa for the new Ghana, and the political Osibisa for a new Sunshine Day.

If after 2 generations, Ghana, a population of 5m could produce 50% of world cocoa, then, the Brits were right to call us the model colony. I believe we can repeat that feat with our political cocoa, and Ghana, after two terms of my Presidency would reclaim its status as the star and model state of Africa.

The harder the battle, the sweeter the victory. Come back Ghana, come back the model state.


Nii Amu Darko, Founder & President

The African Reform Movement.

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