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Former President Mahama spotted in Chicago recently.

Underground Chicago:History and Food Walk

The underground Chicago Walk is a tour through Chicago’s pedway,

a little known tunnel system in the heart of downtown Chicago.

It may sound scary but fear not, the recently rehabbed tunnels

are used by thousands of savvy locals every day.

The pedway connects many of Chicago’s beloved landmarks like Macy’s (Marshall Field’s), The Thompson Center, Block 37, The Daley Center, Millennium Park, City Hall and many more.

Miles of new tunnels have been opened with miles more in the works.

We explore the underground tunnels while sampling food at some of the unique restaurants, cafes and shops the pedway has to offer.

We sample artisan grilled cheese sandwiches, authentic Cuban tamales, frozen kefir, traditional Thai cuisine,

a wine tasting at Macy’s wine shop (Friday tours only)

and a stop at Macy’s Candy Kitchen.

The tour ends in the Chicago Cultural center, home to the world’s largest Tiffany dome glass ceiling.

Give yourself some extra time after the tour to take in one or all of the Cultural Centers free art exhibits or head across the street to Millennium Park for a free show at the Pritzker Pavillion and pictures at the “Bean”.


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