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Daniel Fenyi Speaks His Mind On The National Cathedral!

A counsellor Daniel Fenyi writes ,

Bishop Agyin-Asare has, arguably, the biggest cathedral, hosting about *15,000* congregants. Pastor Mensa Otabil also seats over *10,000* people in Christ Temple, ICGC. Apostle Sam Korankye Ankrah is building a new dome that will host over *15,000* christians. ArchBishop Duncan-Williams hosts over *10,000* people and Bishop Dag-Heward Mills’ Quodesh seats over *12,000* congregants. These are private individuals who have erected magnificent structures to serve their God.

Ghana, a whole country, wants to put up just a *5,000* seater cathedral and this is how they go about it;

The Cathedral itself will NOT be built by government, so we are informed, but first, we’ll secure a land valued about $40 million (about 18 trillion old cedis).

Again, we’ll crumple the following structures, built with tax payers money;
1. Passport Office
2. Greater Accra regional Minister’s residence
3. Judicial training institute
4. National Scholarships Secretariat
5. Eight (8) residential bungalow of Judges
6.AITI-KACE (Advance Information Technology Institute- Kofi Annan Centre of Excellence)
7.Ministry of Communications Building
8. Ghana Maritime Authority building
9. And a whole lot of key institutional buildings
10. College of Physicians building
11. Other expensive private facilities

After all these artifacts are pulled down, government will rent new apartments for affected persons and institutions for two years, cost of which is about $500,000 (over 20billion old cedis) all payed by the tax payer.

While renting for victims, government will build new edifices for them at Cantonment by 2020 so that they’ll move in permanently. This also, with tax payers money.

*Now these are my questions;*

1. Are there no “free unoccupied” lands in the whole of Accra for government to build this cathedral?

2. If there are no lands in Accra, can’t the cathedral be built in another region like Central, Ashanti, Northern, etc region? After all, it’s a national project. Should everything be situated in Accra?

3. Do we even need a cathedral? What will we use it for? Ghana has occasional national programs, is this enough grounds to waste money on a “national” cathedral?

4. We lack adequate number of schools, hospitals, roads to use daily and you want to build something that will be used ocassionally?

5. Government can, legally, access any piece of land for public interest, why does he need to destroy other buildings for the cathedral when he can build the cathedral anywhere else?

I used to defend anything African or Ghanaian, just for purposes of origin and patriotism and thus I was gravely enraged when Donal Trump called Africa a shit-hole country. But anytime our leaders think and talk, they seem to prove Trump right.

I know “fanatic” christians will disagree with me but I urge all to critically ponder on the humongous waste and folly surrounding this cathedral thing. True christianity is not a substitute for dumbness, I guess.

Someone should call and explain to me what actually goes into a blackman’s thinking, it stinks like a “shit” indeed!

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