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Papa Kow Acquaye Speaks His Mind Loudly ! A must read Story !


Written by Papa Kow Acquaye, Mawukoenya Yawa Gomashie’s twin brother..( My twin siblings)

Yep. Told my office boys on Friday, we have turned ‘Men of God’ into the ‘God of Men’. But no tears for us. We DID this. From the unfailing spiritual blackmail of ‘touch not my annointed’ to the monopolization of God (which the venerable Kojo Yankah had cause to speak about recently) to the ‘Papa-rization’ of our Shepherds. We had this coming, so no tears for us. We deserve it. See, nuance is lost in this town and we always swing dangerously between two polarities as a people: unquestioning adulation or mindless condemnation. Because of mental laziness, binary thinking is our default setting for interpreting the world. This is only symptomatic of a bigger national malaise. Nkrumah moved from the Man who could do no wrong to having possession of his photos and books being criminalized. Ermmmm, the pendulum has swung back and we can’t find enough things to name after him- from FPSOs to Universities. Rawlings moved from ‘Junior Jesus’ to ‘Junior Judas’ and at the last election was courted by 3 Political Parties to grant them electoral legitimacy. I could go on. We have made it impossible for people to belong to a side and yet, have POSITIONS and VIEWS on issues sans being made to feel like a traitor, a maverick or a cold front. Exhibit 1- look at Group Think amongst our politicos on autopilot, the feminazis and the religious zealots (and as we have seen with the last group recently, the problem is deeper than we cared to admit). I am a Heaven-bound Christian (my Salvation is assured) but I take the view that this NC idea is not a good one. I like Pastor Otabil and will still listen to his sermons and read his books ( especially those that touch on the place of our race) but legally and morally, on the Bank issue, my respectful view is he got it wrong, both legally and morally, seeing as he wasn’t on the Board doing Osofo work. And he has questions to answer, his ill-advised Presser (Non-Executive Chairman, anyone?) notwithstanding.


Everyone knows I love Asante Kotoko to the death (and literally stared it down twice), May 9 and all, but I have written and staged a one-man demo at our Adum office against certain Management decisions I didn’t think right or principled, without loving Kotoko any less. What does that make me? My ideological politics is of The Left, but in those days when I was a brilliant young man who thought ideas could change the World-or at least this country- I wrote and debated my own people so much, I was accused of being ‘a closet reactionary’ (ask Franklin Cudjoe the history of that from our early IEA days). I am a Feminist (long before it became so weaponised and a blood sport in these parts) but I disdain the selectivity that attends it nowadays. I could go on. Point? It is possible to question, to disagree, to have views on issues without breaking the front or be disruptive just as it is possible to entertain a thought without necessarily accepting it (which by the way, is the Aristotelian definition of an enlightened Mind). So, till we stop the enforced juxtaposition of polarities, the false binaries, the mob psychology and lack of nuance that attends every issue (as seen on these Facebook streets) and the mistaken view that Democracy (wrongly defined as ‘kaabi ma min kaabi) means ‘my ignorance is as good as your acquired knowledge’ (with its underlying anti-intellectualism), sorry. Expect the application and migration of this mindset to all and any other national phenomena. I rarely speak on serious matters here nowadays, that is why I have left the thesis-writing to likes of Comrades like Justice Sai and Godwin Dzah and even Bright Simons, but I am sorry I had to break convention today.


Till we fix the Poverty of Thought in this country (having agreed that brains, not resources, develop a nation) I am sorry to announce to you that our politicians and ‘men of God’ will only remain just the most visible and grotesque manifestation of our collective thought failure and mental laziness. One of my fairly unpopular views (apart from the legalization of marijuana and a limited role for the Military in our ‘Democracy’) is that LEADERSHIP is overrated. We must also seriously start questioning the quality of our FOLLOWERSHIP. I am done. Back to using Facebook for soccer, jokes and petty annoyances. Cheers.

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