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Gordwin Avenorgbo

Ben Dotsei Malor Shared …A Great Story :A Great Broadcaster… Gordwin Avernogbo !


Godwin Avenorgbo ( in black and white shirt ) and Ben Dotsei Malor (in black shirt) 

Wonderful to enjoy the pleasure and honour of fellowship, food, and lessons with one of Ghana’s legends of broadcasting, Godwin Avenorgbo. For many years “Big Goddie” or “the Grandmaster,” was a highly-regarded and sought-after personality on Radio and TV. I told him I missed out on his TV presence because our household didn’t own a TV but we consumed all his Radio shows voraciously. I loved his erudite enunciations plus his authentic family name, “AVENORGBO,” which inspired me a lot, in other ways – even from afar. He delivered the Queen’s English so well I wondered if he was Ghanaian !

I almost laughed – okay, I confess, I laughed in my head – when he told he was/is an introvert.  How did an introvert become one of Ghana’s top broadcasters? He praised another broadcasting legend, Mike Eghan, for training him, and whipping him into a good broadcaster. Iron sharpeneth Iron, indeed. Nobody becomes a star all by themselves.

Big Goddie is now 70-plus but looks like a spritely 50 year old. He has a bigger (and more touching) story than what I shared recently on Facebook about a kind benefactor, Mr Eric Lavoe, who cajoled, convinced, and compelled my widowed mother to send me to Secondary School after I had passed the Common Entrance Exam on my first try. Bro Godwin passed this exam three years in a row and topped it with a highly coveted DISTINCTION in his final Form Four (Hall) or Middle School Leaving Certificate Exams. This was a top class proven student.

I must admit I wonder what would have happened if Bro Godwin Avenorgbo had got a “Mr Lavoe” to give guidance or educational advice to his parents at key moments in his development? Well, in all things we thank God.

Efo Godwin… We appreciate you. We thank God for your life of service. More grace to you.

Source : Ben Dotsei Malor 

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  1. that’s the Grand Master…no one could have missed that voice. I was incharge of my grandmother’s Sanyo radio so I recall with nostalgia the voices of him, Charlie Sam, Tommy Annan Forson, Daniel Adjei n Beatrice Aidoo, the newscasters, etc …omg great broadcasters

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