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La Kpee UK set for Homowo celebrations in London

The fresh smell of the Homowo season is with us again. La Kpee UK has all its residents excited with the feel of the weather in preparations of the event that has taken them quite some time to prepare for.

The festival is a cultural expo that is aimed at celebrating the history and richness of the La culture. It traces the journey of the Gas to the present day settlement in the 18th century when an extraordinary famine struck for practically a year.

Through prayers there was a tremendous downpour of rain in August which changed the tide of things. That date was set for merry making, food was abundant and everybody was asked to partake freely. The term Homowo means hooting at hunger. The festival marks the end of a work circle and the beginning of another, Afi.

Dr Belinda Ago the chairperson of La Kpee UK said this years Homowo festival will as usual be as grand and showcase the authentic culture of La, one of the seven clans which makes up the Ga state, with dignitaries arriving from La, Accra, Ghana, to join in the celebration.

She added that a lot of resources have gone into planning the festival with a large number of delegations from La, America and Europe expected to attend. This is because the event has become popular for celebrating Ga-Ghanaian-African culture and usually draws the attention of most Gas and people of African descent living in the UK and Europe.

The La entourage will include the Paramount chief of the La traditional area, Nii Kpobi Tettey Tsuru 111, La Mantse and the Shikitele, Nii Adzei Koofe IV, (the King maker) of the La traditional area, Nii Oten MaCgranaky, Abafum Mantse, Nii B.K. Yemoh, Leshie Mantse, Nii Sei Oboade of Nmati Obonase and Dr.Nii Kotei Dzani – Group CEO Ideal Finance Holdings Ghana Ltd and a Member of the Council of State among others.

Special invitation has been extended to Ghana High commissioner to the UK His Excellency, Papa Owusu-Ankomah and the Nii Mei and Nana Num and the Torgbui-o and the traditional leaders associations of UK. Also invited are all the Ghanaian associations and the general Ghanaian community who are expected to grace the occasion and add the usual colour with their presence.

According to the chairperson, Dr Belinda Ago, “Our children and youth now appreciate their cultural roots as they act out dances wearing cultural attires. She said the festival will inform, educate, inspire and entertain those in attendance. The display of tradition is expected to mesmerize those who will be experiencing the Ga Culture for the first time” she said.

Some of the events scheduled include fund raising in aid of the ongoing Library project in La and special traditional rendition of pure La cultural and authentic Homowo exhibitions.

The date for the Homowo festival and dinner dance is scheduled for Sat, 22nd September 2018 at the Selby Hall, Selby Road, Tottenham, and N17 The La Kpee UK, Homowo festival usually holds around this time of the year and it adds to the cultural tapestry that makes up the Ga society and encourages it to be be more culturally cohesive especially with the Ga Dangme community.

This is the 27th anniversary of the association which was inaugurated by the then High commissioner to the UK, his Excellency, the late Mr. K. B. Asante. All are invited Wuor Gbee La gbee Date: Sat.22nd September 2018

Source: Charles Ollennu

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