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Rev. Dr. Mensah Otabil

How I knew Otabil was fraudulent years ago!


It all started when I decided to seek admission at Central University. Millions of forms were sold out which of course is a business strategy for the universities that take advantage of parents. Then admission letters were sent out to thousands. Admission that far more exceeded the capacity of the university. Unsuspecting students were asked to proceed with their medicals and then make full payment of their tuition to the account office.

Few minutes after I made full payment of my tuition, I was told that admission was full and that the school would notify me the following year of when to start my studies. I was like no way!!! “You guys got the wrong person”. Within minutes I realized I wasn’t the only one, there were several of us. Wow!!!! “ how could this be happening in an institution that belongs to a church run by a man perceived by so many as the wisest in the land?”. How could you take the poor students’ money for a whole year?”. Imagine how much profit the university would have made investing the money for a year. This to me was ridiculous, unacceptable and stealing in a broad day light. I had to do something!!!

I started shouting that Otabil was a thief, I was screaming “I can’t believe that Otabil is a thief, how could you rob people in the name of God!”. The account staff soon realized that I wasn’t cheap and that they needed to do something. They asked me to go to Miotsio on the Aflao road after Prampram for my refund. I looked at them and laughed. I just paid my full tuition here in Mataheko, why should I go all the way to Miotsio for my refund? I wasn’t that stupid. I threatened that I would naked myself and continued shouting “Otabil is a thief” until a gentleman led me to the dean of the business school.

I met Prof. Aheto in his office and the first thing he asked was for me to withdraw my statement that Otabil was a thief which I did. Then he went on to explain how the situation was beyond his control because he was a mere employee. He agreed the practice was bad but he didn’t own the school to ask them to stop. He sounded very empathetic and understood that what they were doing was wrong. At that point I took my withdrawal statement back and insisted that Otabil and his cohorts were thieves using the name of God to steal poor people to enrich themselves. I was shouting every where and prevented the staff from closing. About 6:30 p.m. my money was given back to me.

Few days later, there were group of people at the studios of Joy FM on super morning show chanting war songs that they wanted central university to pay back the tuition they paid for which there were no immediate admissions. Officials from the Accreditation Board came on the show to confirm the over admission practice of the Central University and that government had decided to enforce the law to stop Otabil and his cohorts from defrauding the people. That was it! No legal or punitive action was taken against the university because it belonged to Otabil and ICGC. They continued this practice year after year. Today, Otabil will say that he was only the chancellor of the university without any day to day management roles.

I wrote a personal letter to him that he had killed the Christian in me. My faith nose dived after that revealing experience. I never expected a church institution to be involved in fraudulent ways to make money. I stated in my letter to Otabil that I was a struggling single parent, taking care of my siblings as well with a job as a clerk. I was inspired to achieve greatness through higher education and found out that he preached one thing and practiced another. I even expected Otabil to apologize to us after the super morning show hosted the aggrieved victims but he never did. I even expected Otabil to apologize to Ghanaian tax payers whose 610 million cedis they shared like cola nut but no, he was not involved in the management of the bank so kiss him.

Greed has taken over Otabil, he needed a house at Transacco, needed to buy houses for his children in America, needed to pay his children’s tuition in prestigious US Universities, have big birthday bash in America and leave fortunes for his generation by hook or crook!

Anytime I shared my story, his followers would say “ do you know how many boards this man sits on? Do you know how much money he makes from his company and consulting?. So if he makes all these monies from sitting on several boards and is such an exceptional consultant, then how come he is not taking responsibility for his actions and inactions. Christians, rise up and wise up. Do not be fooled!! May God help up all to be discerning Christians in Jesus’ name. Amen and Amen!!

Now my question is “ can Otabil be a successful entrepreneur without the offerings, the project offerings and the tithes? No way, he can never make one cedi profit on his own without the constant income from the church because he doesn’t have what it takes to genuinely do business for profit without fraudulently taking money from his church members and the tax payers.

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