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The indefatigable Youth Secretary of the GNC, Akua Agyeman

Ghana National Council In Chicago Broadens Annual Youth School Give Away Program!

Chicago IL, August 11 2018: The annual back to school supplies giveaway normally organized by the Ghana National Council, GNC and the Ghanaian Professionals of North America, GPNA, took a major turn this year when the two groups merged with the Black Star Seed Nation. The collaboration led to the distribution of school supplies to all the children who attended, student and career panel discussions, parent resource sharing, motivational speaker and free breakfast and lunch. There were also workshops that included Dance & Music, Arts & Crafts, Creative Writing, Storytelling and Games. The kids were seen having fun, learning, socializing, networking, and probably better suited to start the 2018-2019 school year than others who did not get the opportunity!

It appears that the GNC has institutionalized the back to school program in the Ghanaian Community here for good as the President , Paa Kwasi Sam ,thanked the volunteers and promised to do everything to keep the program ongoing yearly. “I will not rule out partnering with other organizations to enable this program to become bigger and consistent yearly , “ Paa Kwasi concluded. About 100 kids had earlier registered, making it easier to manage the program and distribute the supplies. Career men and women with various backgrounds of experience were on hand to counsel and share their rich knowledge with the young men and women. The arts and craft session appeared to be an extension of what Osei Agyeman Badu started with the children during the Black Star Seed Nation program this year as they were more engaged and involved in their assignments. For the first time, parents of the children also had the opportunity to meet and share their personal parental experiences with each other.

Miss Ghana USA, Heather Afriyie asked the children to focus on their studies since one thing no one can take away from them is knowledge they acquired by learning.

Parents and their wards wore broad smiles as they were given free school supplies, breakfast and lunch.

Present to distribute the items to the children were the President of the GNC, Mr. Paa Kwasi Sam and some of his executives.

The Youth secretary of the GNC, Akua Agyeman, in conjunction with others should be applauded for successfully putting up such an essential program together !

The event took place at the Mt. Carmel High School, 6410 S. Dante Avenue Chicago, IL, 60637 from 11 am to 4 pm.

The lenses of Sankofaonline were there to capture these images for your view.

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