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The Author : Padmore Agbemabiese


Farewell, my dear Sister.

When God saw you getting tired

And that a cure was not to be

He put his arms around you and whispered:

“Come to me, My Dear Maggie,

And rest in the garden that’s beautiful.”

Miss Margaret-Stella Amitor Aidam was one of the greatest aunties I have ever had, known and treasured in my life. I met aunt Maggie, as we affectionately called her, in the late 1970s when I was a young teen with my grandmother in the village of Aborkutsime, when she would pass by on her way from Anyako to Accra. It was later that I was informed that her mother was born directly after my grandfather. Thus, her late mother was equally my grannie and Maggie my aunt. Interestingly, instead of calling her aunt, she quickly made me aware that we were sister-and-brother and she affectionately called me “Danyevi.” Ever since that time, we remained so close like twins through to the day she breathed her last. In life, Maggie was known as a disciplinarian, stern and meticulous. She never spared her rod. She always made sure you listen to her and bow to her, if you want peace to exist. Once I took a visitor from the US to meet her at Anyako. During our conversation, I made an error in the designation of some of our elders in the family. Aunt Maggie retorted instantly and traced the genealogy of the Aidams and the Awuku-Agbemabiese family from Aborkutsime, to Anyako down to Srogbe. When she finished she asked me if I can remember what she said to my children. I was crest-fallen before the guest.

Notwithstanding, Margaret-Stella Aidam can be described as a historian, an anthropologist with an immense knowledge of things in Ewe history, as well as in our families. She was a person who never went against the dictates of her heart. This did not augur well with those around her, but she cared less. When in 2015, we formed the Ewe Community Forum, on Facebook, Maggie came on board and made it an educational forum on the history and traditions of Ewes. She was so good at tracing and narrating the history of every event in Eweland that everyone on the platform regarded her as a living museum. In fact, she was meticulous in every information she gave that she was revered and respected as an authority by all.

Despite the sternness of Maggie, she was also humorous, and exceptionally loving, caring, and incredibly trustworthy. She was loyal to whoever was her friend and very supportive and protective of those she loved. Indeed, she was a true angel with a radiant soul that not even the most beautiful human words could describe her. When we both met again after she returned from London, it didn’t take long for me to know much about her. Educating the Ewe youth was her passion and she never winced about it. She loved with her heart and soul, and she adored her family and treasured their friendship. During our phone conversations, she shared her joys, agonies, and experiences in life with me. Today, I have so many cherished memories of those times which will never fade. Now that she is gone, I wonder who will educate us and our progeny on the history of the family and that of the Ewes. Mid-January 2018, when we met for the last time at MamaRee’s House, she and I had some amazing conversations about the past, the present and the future. I told her I will return in December to record key narratives about our family. She jokingly told me: “My Brother Enyonam, night is catching on with me, you better do it now.” I wish I had listened to her, and now she is gone with that knowledge.

Today, when I glance back, I can feel her bright, glowing smile at the end of the telephone, where she would give me something to ponder about for the rest of the day. I am going to miss her so much, but I am so grateful to have known her and I will remember her always. In fact, it is very hard to say goodbye to a person such as Margaret-Stella Amitor Aidam. If tears could build a stairway, and memories a lane, I would walk right up to Heaven and bring her back again, just for a day or two. For we have plans which are left on the drawing board. That she is no more is a mystery, but we can remember that she touched so many lives in many ways, and left an amazing legacy behind. By her love and caring, she left the world a better place than she found it, and for that we will always be grateful.

Margaret-Stella Amitor Aidam, we will miss you, but we will equally remember you fondly and always.

Margaret-Stella Amitor Aidam….. Rest in Perfect Peace.

Warm regards
Padmore Agbemabiese

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