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Barima Sarfo Kantanka writes……

“We will not give you any chalk”, said Mrs Matilda Amissah Arthur. She was not known in the political wrestling arena until her infamous rebuttal to that educationist some time back. That gambit brought her to the arena where she had a full dose of the disgruntled Ghanaians who stood on the other side of the political divide.

She hardly talks, but I don’t I understand why anytime she is given the opportunity, her temperament brings opprobrium to her ‘good’ self. Madam, if you have nothing to say, just keep quiet!!! This is how the media captured your goof; (to be charitable), ‘Mrs Ammissah Arthur rips hypocritical politicians’. This is a baloney of a headline. Perhaps it was only a catchy theme to get readers attention. Truth be told, the woman has disgraced her affable and gentle husband. May your soul Rest In Peace, Sir.

What did the woman seek to achieve by whining and ranting to whole world? Am racking through my brains to the extent of cracking it, but still can’t fathom her frustrations. Does her husband stand more pristine than Prof. Mills of blessed memory? Than Papa Jay, H.E J.A Kuffour, John Dramani Mahama and the current President Nana Akufo Addo? Why the fret? Your immutability is only disgusting and terrible and if am to be candid to you, it is an anathema to us. I find it a loathe on your part to stand in front of the dignitaries of our nation and blatantly fire cylinders to all Ghanaians, to say the least. Give me a break Ma’am!!! Was your husband a virtuoso? “Because the maligning, the lies, the treachery, the wickedness, the deliberately changing things so that we could look better than others and the mischievousness. Is it my husband you are saying all this about, the man you disrespected, denigrated and slandered”?

Did I hear you say these things? Ante Mat paaaaa; heeeerrrrr, if not for the respect I have for your husband paaaa hmmmmm. But you should have advised him to reject the second highest office when he was given the opportunity. Having urged him on to ascend to the position of an article 71 holder, then it meant your late Husband presented himself to the political turf where Ghanaians play fair or foul to satiate their political desires.

Yes your husband was a good and noble man, but the office he held doesn’t afford him that luxury and insult proof from his opponents and Ghanaians. Are you aware your Husband also threw ‘punches’ at the current President when, he was the flag-bearer of the NPP? He reffered to him as the Shortman. Infact you have been blunt to Ghanaians but I must tell you, the one who wrote your tribute has done you more harm than good. You had the chance to let Ghanaians know the true colours of your husband, but your temperament brought aridity to the whole tribute and it was a drab on todays session. To think Paa Kwesi Amissah Arthur was a saint, tells me and other Ghanaians that, you are the most hypocritical being in Ghana. Mama Tilly, be furtive the next time you lose a dear one, be sober and don’t hastily exhibit your ignorance at a public gathering.

Madam former second lady, spare Ghanaians the tosh and don’t be a tommyrot because your husband gave to his political opponents pare-passu what he received from them. Nuance your speech to make you look more presentable. The name of the game is POLITICS not PRIESTHOOD.

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