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Ben Dotsei Malor Reviews Ghana’s Gospel Album of the year “Akpe”
Posted by admin on 16th July 2018

GHANA’S (GOSPEL) ALBUM OF THE YEAR – #Akpe: GET THIS ALBUM – it’s a classic – IMHO. It’s full of QUALITY, BRILLIANCE, and EXCELLENCE, in addition to INSPIRATION, great HARMONIES, and WONDERFUL ARRANGEMENTS plus FANTASTIC RECORDING QUALITY of international standards – throughout the entire album.
I’ve just had the great delight, satisfaction, and joy of listening to this entire quality recording from a LIVE event, and I can tell you it’s brimming, beaming, and buzzing with so much excellence it’s amazing. It’s full of various genres – Ghanaian hi-life, reggae, worship, agbadza, and more, delivered in various languages, Ewe, Twi, English and American English 😉 . It doesn’t matter what language you speak, you will easily understand and connect with the language of true music and inspiration on this awesome album.
The Bethel Revival Choir of the Global Evangelical Church in Kotobabi, Accra must be commended, supported, and acclaimed. The award-winning Joe Mettle is truly an icing on this delicious cake. Salute to all the leaders on this project.
You will enjoy this.
IN GHANA: Please, check every Challenge Bookshop for your #CD or #DVD or Video #PenDrive. Or contact Henry Kwame Datsomor – the Music Director, OR Adelaide Datsomor +233 20 756 5016, and Sylvia Dadson on +233 244 479 107.
IN THE USA AND NORTH AMERICA: Send me an inbox message or email me at
We’ve just taken delivery of a suitcase of these albums – as in this photo. We drove some 8 hours in total from New York / New Jersey to Baltimore and back, for your pleasure. (If you buy it and do not like it then call me and we’ll refund your money 🙂 😏🏃‍♂️)