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The Arthur: Manasseh Azure Awuni

MANASSEH’S FOLDER: Charlotte Osei’s standard and Akufo-Addo’s double standard!

Dear President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo,

I know you are a very busy man so I will go straight to my reason for this letter without wasting any time on pleasantries. Besides your tight schedule, I have learnt from our elders that a medicine man called to save a dying child does not exchange greetings on arrival. Our nation is dying.

Unemployment is still a deadly challenge for the youth and adults alike. The cedi has developed a mind of its own, a mind critical than any of the superficially artificial and unsustainable methods being employed to shackle it. Our healthcare system is worsening. Avoidable floods are killing children and adults in Kumasi and Accra. Filth is choking us. While these and other problems appear to compound every passing hour, corruption and wastage in the public sector is worsening. Our nation is dying, Mr. President, so escaping pleasantries in this discussion is in order.

I am writing tell you (or rather remind you of) three disturbing things that have held my heart hostage with excruciating pains: First of all, I want to remind you of how Charlotte Osei’s dismissal has exposed serious double standards in your government. I am also writing to show you why any attempt by your government to increase taxes will amount to extorting money from the citizens to fund corruption. Finally, I will tell you how you are complicit in the very corruption scandals based on which you campaigned against your predecessor to win the election to become president of Ghana.

Please, read this with an open mind even if you intend to discard the issues I raise. I have no intention of contesting you in the next election so I am not writing to make you unpopular and unseat you. I sincerely want you to succeed. I don’t pray you fail and lose the next election because there is no credible opposition on the touchline of our political pitch. And, please, don’t think I’m judging you too harshly.

If I caught a secular musician and Catholic archbishop satisfying their libidinal drives in a brothel, I will judge them differently. Your predecessor came to the throne as a “nice man, an astute communicator.” You came to the throne on the moral high horse of incorruptibility. You came as a patriot whose no-nonsense disposition was going to be the antidote to our waywardness and wanton dissipation of public funds. So I hold you to those standards you espoused and the hopes you aroused.

Let’s begin from the beginning, Mr. President. Nothing under the sun can convince me that the removal of the Chairperson of the Electoral Commission, Mrs. Charlotte Osei, and her two deputies from office had no political influence. If President John Mahama were still in office as President, Charlotte Osei would still be in office as EC Chair. True or false? The petition and the initial processes that led to her removal from office have not been transparent. Some call it fraudulent. The problematic petition appeared well orchestrated to achieve the aim of your party, the New Patriotic Party (NPP). Long before you won the 2016 election, some of your party’s leading members had vowed to get rid of the EC Chairperson.

You have justified the decision you took on the recommendation of the Chief Justice’s Committee. It is a constitutional matter and you could not do otherwise, you told us. I do not fault you, Sir.

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