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Politicians like the poor accountability system – Kan Dapaah

Albert Kan Dapaah

Albert Kan Dapaah

A former Chairman of the Public Accounts Committee, Albert Kan Dapaah, has stated that politicians can’t change the poor accountability regime in the country because they lack the will and fortitude to make such contributions.

Speaking to XYZ News after a forum on public accountability organized by the Ghana Academy of Arts and Sciences in Accra, he noted that the media and civil society groups can wage a campaign of change in ensuring accountability in management of public funds.

“Everybody is happy with the system as it is the people who are practicing it are apparently happy with the system” Mr. Kan Dapaah said.

He added that: “Civil society media should force the system to change it, they will not change it on their own, so we need to get media and civil society to do what they do in other countries…they are the people that really effect the changes in the system.

“The reforms that we want will not come from the politicians; they will come from a determined civil society, a determined media, a media that will look at things not in a partisan manner”.