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Governance expert backs ban on official travels
Posted by admin on 26th June 2018

Governance Expect, Professor Emmanuel Osei Asiamah, says government’s directive temporary banning all travels of appointees, save for that of Foreign Affairs Minister, as a measure to deliver on its Ghana Beyond Aid agenda, and protect the public purse, is a step in the right direction.

The government since assuming office in January 2017, has consistently assured it is working diligently to protect the public purse by putting forth effective and efficient measures to ensure value for money in all its transactions, with the latest being a travel ban.

However, Professor Osei Asiamah believes it is time to shrink the number of appointees, particularly ministers, noting that the expenditure that comes with the 110 ministers appointed, impedes the Ghana beyond aid agenda.

He told Ibrahim Kwateng on GBC’s Current Affairs Programme, “Behind The News”, that the realization of government’s agenda to restore macro-economic growth and stability, require a deliberate strategy to get government running, without being a burden on the tax payer.

Contributing, a representative of the Ghana Integrity initiative, Micheal Boadi, said the number of ministers whether large or small does not necessary imply good governance.

Mr. Boadi indicated that it is about time Ghanaians called for accountability from the presidency to be able to make an informed judgement on whether or not government is delivering on its mandate.