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BlackStar Seed Nation’s BlackStars in SSPACE Summer 2018 Program

June 23 2018 Chicago Illinois:The third session of the Blackstar Seed Nation of BlackStars in S.S.P.A.C.E ( Sankofa Saturday Program for Arts and Cultural Enrichment) started at the Mt. Carmel High School, Chicago Illinois with activities that should envy parents whose child is not enrolled in this rich cultural, social and educational programs this summer. The enrollees range from 2 to 18 years. Some of the programs that are being offered to the children include history and African culture, language, visual arts, dance, soccer, financial literacy and others. This year, the language classes includes Ga, Akan-Twi and Ewe. The students are engaged throughout the classes except during break time where they are given healthy meals and allowed to socialize.
With the high level of crime in the summer months in Chicago and its metropolis, programs like this do not only take the children away from the streets and harm’s way, but also imbibes in them lifelong lessons character and high self-esteem!
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The CEO of the Blackstar Seed Nation Akua Agyeman (in headgear ) with Frederica Buckman. Frederica teaches Ga at the program.

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