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The Daily Graphic writes on the concerns raised by stakeholders about the slow, cumbersome and expensive clearance procedures at the country’s ports. It says the desire to facilitate trade imposes the need for the Ports and Habours Authority to synchronise all the duplications to reduce the turnaround time for businesses. The Graphic says it is for this reason that the idea of a single window was introduced. It believes that there are still many challenges with port operations after the Single Window and the paperless system were introduced. The Graphic says it is gratifying to note that since 2015, Ghana has saved about 500 million dollars through reform of operation. It says Ghana needs all the taxes to carry out development projects that will ensure better lives for the citizens. The Graphic therefore urges the authorities to remove bottle necks in the implementation of the single window policy.

The Daily Heritage urges government to take a second look in the Civic and Public Services at bonding laws. It says those under bond may be released if need be, so as to seek employment elsewhere. The paper says the current flaws in the bonding concept are creating huge challenges for graduates, particularly in the health sector. The Heritage believes it is not the best to bond a person for five years and refuse his or her postings. The paper says the reason for bonding students is to ensure that the State does not waste resources to train the needed human resource only to lose it to the private sector or other agencies after the students have completed their programmers of study. The paper says the hallmark of the bonding system was that students were posted to where their services were needed and they had no other option than to undertake their national service there. However, a major flawing implementing the bonding concept is creating huge challenges for graduates, particularly in the health sector. According to the paper, it is now common place for trained nurses and other health professionals to remain in the house for years without being posted when they have signed bond agreements with the government to serve the state for up to five years before they can be eligible to work elsewhere. The heritage believes it is not the best to bond someone for five years and refuse to post the person. This is inhumane and needs to be looked at.


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