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Franklin Cudjoe : President Imani

Franklin Cudjoe Writes About Poor Police Housing !

In 2009, the Daily Graphic conducted a tour of some Police Structures, accommodation and offices. Among other findings, the Daily Graphic reported “About 58 per cent of the nearly 25,000 personnel are without decent accommodation, with most of them housed in “makeshift facil­ities” such as canteens, open workshops, kitchens and uncompleted structures.


A visit by the Daily Graphic to some of the barracks Wednesday showed, for instance, that about 40 junior officers were housed in a can­teen, with a single toilet and a bathroom to serve them. Some of them, who had their mattresses packed at one end of the room, said they slept on the veranda or prayed that some of their colleagues went on night duties to enable them to use their space in the room”.


Today, Police numbers are going to be a little under 40,0000. In 2009 the Police needed Gh 987.98m for accommodation

Accommodation – Police need GH¢987.98m, Jun 18, 2009 | Daily Graphic). The situation is worse today. I almost wept when I visited the Accra district HQ. of the Police Service. The accommodation was decrepit, looked like camps for abused persons escaping from a genocide. And yet, from June 11th 2018, your hard earned taxes to the tune of GHc 801m will be given away freely by your state and it’s communication ministry to an ‘Awam’, unknown company for hanging around.


The Police could be decently accommodated if you helped stop this carnage. You can start by saying a prayer for Maximus Ametorgoh and Sara Asafu-Adjaye two selfless and gallant brave hearts who have filed an injunction against the government and telcos to prevent breaches of our fundamental rights to privacy. There are darker forces working against their interests and that of yours and mine –they will fight but for how long? Remember them in prayers . Good night.– Franklin Cudjoe

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