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Woman sadly exchanges her 2-month-old baby for Fufu at Nkrumah Circle

The story of mothers losing their newborns often is reported in hospitals where the birth took place. Rarely do you hear cases such as in the case of Madam Yaa who ‘accidentally’ gave her 2-month-old baby to a total stranger, in a bid to get some food to eat.

Madam Yaa was in the company of her friend also called Yaa, came to circle Sunday afternoon to take some money from her brother.

Narrating her ordeal on Kofi TV, the distraught mother amid bitter tears said, “I can’t take this, my child is missing. I went to my In-law at Ashaiman and my sibling is at Circle so I called her and said I did not have money and so I would come to circle so he finds some money for me so I could use for my upkeep and he said I should come.

I was with a friend who had also delivered twins. When we got here we alighted at a filling station at Circle around Vodafone and then I called my brother and asked where he was and he said he was on his way. We kept calling him and he kept saying he was on his way.”

“A lady was passing by and was laughing and I mentioned to by friend, Oh Yaa this lady is laughing at us because of your twins. The lady passed by and came back to us, she did not say anything to anybody and took one of the twins to carry. My friend then said she was hungry and the lady said she knew she had a chop bar in mind and so she took us there to go and have something to eat and directed my brother who was still on his way to the place, “she lamented.

Yaa who could not stop her tears recounted, “She asked us what food we were going to eat and we mentioned fufu, then she said we should go inside and order for the food because the fan over there is not good for the baby so that when I am done eating, she will give me back the baby. I also did not think ill of her at that time to suspect foul play because she had already taken my friends baby and had given the baby back to my friend and so I thought she will give me mine too. “

When we were about to eat she told us she was going to buy credits, so I asked her, Madam please where are you taking my child. Then she said, I am not a bad person, I am only buying credits by the road side, I will be back. So I went outside and watched her by the credits and saw her coming back to where we were, so I went back inside. After an hour, the lady was not coming back. So I told my friend I was going for my child. I went outside and the lady was nowhere to be found. I did not see where she passed.”

The incident which has since been reported to the Police is under investigation.

The heartbroken mother appealed to all and sandry to help her find her daughter as her husband has threatened to kill her if she does not return with their baby.

“Please help me find my daughter, please help me. My baby is a 2 months old baby girl. A healthy baby.I don’t know the lady, I just thought she was being a kind person. She looked like she just closed from church and so I thought she was just being kind. My husband has threatened to kill me if I don’t return with his baby. When I was coming my mother even said I should not come and advised me to look after my baby very well. I have been crying all through the night, Please help me find my baby, please help,” she cried out.

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