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Assabill wins election in landslide

…Dr Kutame is the New V-P-elect.

The unprecedented history making challenge by the incumbent Vice President, Dr. George Assibey-Mensah, to wrestle power from the incumbent President, John Henry Assabill, in recently held elections of the Ghana National Council ,GNC,ended in a landslide victory for the incumbent President by an 8-3 vote. John Henry Assabill was returned to the Presidency, for three more years. The free and fair elections were held at the Ramada Inn, 4900 South Lake Shore Drive, Chicago, IL 60615 on November7 2010.

The treasurer of the council, Mr. Joseph Henry Baffoe, also retained his position when he was elected unopposed. In an affirmation vote, he had all the 11 votes cast in his favor. Mr. Asare Boafo also defeated unwilling challenger, Mr. Godwin Asanga of the Northern Union by 8 to 3 votes to retain the sergeant –at-arms position. Prior to the votes being cast, Mr. Asanga stepped aside and openly threw his support behind the eventual winner, Mr. Asare Boafo. In a short acceptance remark, the President-elect thanked the council members for the honor and confidence reposed in him. Reverend Dr. Kofi Noonoo swore the elected officials into office.

In an interesting development prior to the elections, despite a resolution by the GNC barring “ceremonial chiefs” here from channelling their concerns directly to the council, some members of the so called vague “Council of Chiefs” led by their Chairman were present to submit a concern to the GNC in an effort to cast doubt on the integrity of the incumbent president and influence the outcome of the elections. John Henry was, however, the overwhelming choice.

A few days after the elections were over, the President-elect announced in an email sent on Wednesday, November 10, 2010, his choice for the Vice-Presidency to members of the community. The President’s preference for the Vice-President position was Dr. Mark Kutame of the Ewe Association. Dr. Kutame thus becomes the first Vice-President in the history of the council to hold the position under two presidents! He previously served as secretary to the GNC for 3 years. Dr. Kutame is the current President of the Ewe Association of Metropolitan Chicago and has served in that capacity for 9 years running. Ruben Hadzie, Chicago.

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