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Rahm Emmanuel Announce New Packages In Support Of Small Businesses

Today, Mayor Rahm Emanuel announced a package of new reforms to support small businesses across the city. The plan will reduce costs for businesses, simplify the licensing process, increase transparency, support start-up and innovative businesses, and reduce the burden of inspections for all businesses.
To lay out his long-term vision and to highlight all that has already been accomplished to support small businesses, Mayor Emanuel has released the Chicago Business Brief. All Chicagoans should be proud of our thriving business community.
Commissioner Rosa Escareno
Chicago Department of Business Affairs and Consumer Protection
Dear Chicagoans:
We have some exciting changes coming that are going to have a dramatic and positive impact on your business environment.
We are extremely proud of all that has been accomplished since 2011. In response to issues raised by the small business community, we have created the one-stop-shop Small Business Center, cut our total number of business licenses from 117 to 40, and moved many of our processes online. We have encouraged innovation through the Emerging Business Permit and by reducing fees for over 10,000 business owners.
But we are ready to do more.
We are committing to a series of initiatives to help small business and entrepreneurs thrive:
  • A reduced “start-up” fee for new business licenses that provides a 2-year-license for the price of one year
  • An expansion of the sidewalk café season to allow for full year operations
  • The publication of a license issuance clock to increase transparency and accountability
  • The creation of a pop-up permit that includes food
  • A reduction of the inspection burden through new checklists, cross-training, increased technology, and the elimination of unnecessary regulations and inspections.
Chicago is committed to being as nimble and innovative as the amazing business people who make our city great. To all of our entrepreneurs, the City is your partner. Chicago has always been and will continue to be open for business.
Mayor Rahm Emanuel
City of Chicago

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