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Pay GH¢30K For Nomination If You Want To Be DCE…
Posted by admin on 5th July 2013
Reports reaching The Chronicle newspaper in Kumasi indicate that the positions of Municipal and Metropolitan District Chief Executives (MMDCEs) are allegedly being sold out to the highest bidder, as part of a grand scheme to consolidate the positions of the national executives of the ruling National Democratic Congress (NDC).
The Chronicle has gathered that aspiring MMDCEs are being compelled to pay a whopping amount of GH¢30,000 for consideration for the positions.
While Chronicle sources say the amount varies from region to region, inside sources have quoted an amount of GH¢30,000 as being what is said to be demanded from aspirants in the Ashanti Region, while GH¢10,000 is being quoted for Greater Accra, with MMDCEs from the Eastern Region being compelled to part with GH¢5,000.
A body, comprising personnel from the Ministry of Local Government and Rural Development and National Democratic Congress (NDC), has allegedly been constituted to handle such payments.
The Chronicle sources say when the party executives give their collecting partners the green light regarding payment, the Ministry processes the particulars of the said MMDCE for his appointment to be effected.
While the membership of this body seems to be enriching themselves, the scheme is to ensure that the MMDCEs thus recruited would in turn work for the retention of party executives in the impending national, regional and constituency elections.
The recruitment by such system is said to be nationwide, and is to enable national and regional executives consolidate their positions.
Besides the payment of the GH¢30,000 to secure a safe berth for reappointment, the MMDCE is required, as a condition, to ensure that the party executives at the constituency level endorse executives at the branch level, through the constituency level to the regional and national levels.
The scheme has been explained by insiders as the reason for the slow pace of the appointment of MMDCEs, because the body charged with this task would want to be sure who is ready to buy into the concept.
Even though the plan seems to work out to the advantage of the ruling party, a section of the party’s following says it is not democratic, as those who cannot afford to pay such huge amounts are automatically kicked out of the race.
Some party executives in the Ashanti Region have complained bitterly and indicated that most of the appointees would be rejected, and have called on the government to revise its notes regarding the appointment of MMDCEs.
They contended that the fact that some of the MMDCEs had allegedly paid their way through had gone into their heads and made them arrogant and disrespectful in dealing with supporters and footsoldiers.
Under the circumstances, most MMDCEs are living in fear of losing their positions to the highest bidder.
A survey by The Chronicle indicates that most assembly members are bent on rejecting nominees by the President, and that not even the alleged payment of GH¢30,000 to guarantee their reappointment can save them from the anger of the people, per their representatives in the assembly.
Indications are that the government is aware of the situation on the ground, following intelligence reports by the state investigative machinery, Bureau of National Investigations (BNI).
Mr. Kwame Kusi, branch chairman of the NDC at Brodekwano in the Bosomtwe District, says there is no way the DCE would be accepted for another term of office for various reasons.
A DCE, who spoke to The Chronicle on condition of anonymity, also said he would not be in a position to raise GH¢30,000.00 for re-appointment.
He said he had sacrificed a lot, especially during the electioneering campaign for the party, and worked so hard to consolidate the gains of the party and could not do more at this point in time, financial wise. “If the appointing body would not consider the hard work and contribution to the party generally, then so be it,” he confided in The Chronicle.
According to the said DCE, the party had provided GH¢5,000 for their campaigns as a parliamentary candidate, but he ended up spending more from his own resources.
The source said the printing of T-shirts alone cost him GH¢8,000, not to talk of the purchase of the T-shirts.
Meanwhile, the Vice NDC Regional Chairman, Mr. Akwasi Abayie, has refuted the allegation that DCEs pay monies through the secretariat for consideration for reappointment.
He described the allegation as false, and urged members of the public to disregard it with the contempt it deserved.
According to him, the allegation remains a rumour as far as he was concerned.
The party executive indicated that the reappointment of MMDCEs could probably be based on performance, and that it was not true that anybody could pay his way through for re-appointment or be appointed in the case of new appointments.
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