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Former Ivorian President Henry K Bedie Comes Home!
Posted by admin on 10th April 2018

His Excellency HENRI KONAN BEDIE, former Ivorian President, visited Otumfuo on Thursday, April 5 2018, and then his ancestral home of Nsuta on Friday. He joined Otumfuo on Sunday , April 8 2018  , for the Akwasidae celebrations.

300 years ago….Between 1717-1720, the nascent Asante Kingdom was embroiled in a civil war of succession following the death of the main architect of the Asante Union, the incomparable Otumfuo Osei Tutu Opemsuo I.

The supporters of Opoku Ware won, he became the very successful Asantehene Opoku Ware Katakyie I.

The losing side of the Oyoko Abusua branch …. members of the Oyoko Adako lineage, fled Kumase.

They were led by the matriarch Nana Abena Pokuaa.

After years of traveling through Sahwi, Aowin, and Nzema territories, they crossed the Comoe River (present day Western Ivory Coast) into sparsely populated land.

The Comoe River was nearly impassable because it was flooded. Nana Abena Pokua sacrificed her own son, as propitiation. The group was then able to cross the river.

Happy, but distraught over the death of her son, Nana Abena Pokua wailed “ba wule” (me ba awu) in the mixed Nzema/Aowin/Sahwi language. They had learned the languages to completely blend in, so as to confuse their Asante pursuers. Asantehene Opoku Ware sought their immediate return.

Nana Abena Pokua and her disenchanted Asante group became known as the BAOULE from …… “ba wule.”

The Asante Kingdom of BAOULE, with it’s capital of YAMOUSSOUKRO (Yaa Mansa Kro) has played pivotal role in Ivory Coast.

Much of the country’s natural resources are located on Baoule land, which comprises a huge swath of southern Cote d’lvoire. It is also the centre of the Cocoa industry.’

First Ivorian President Houphoet BOIGNY was a Baoule royal.

The Baoule royal Monsieur Bedie’s trip to Asanteman is in essence a trip back home.

Akwaaba, Nana.