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Celebrating the life of the late Mami Clara Ojong Tayui

March 24 Markharm Illinois : Members of the Cameroonian and Ghanaian communities in Chicagoland and across the USA massively attended a final funeral rites and celebration of life of the late Mami Clara Ojong Tayui. Madam Clara Ojong Tayui was the mother of Dr. Ebenezer Tayui, whose spouse , Beatrice Tayui , is well known in the Ghanaian community . 

In attendance were Togbe Addo, Mama Awushie Adjaho , Mr. Steve Dei, President, and elders Mr. Clement Timpo , Dr. Mark Kutame ,Francisca Darko, Sylvanus Dossou , Reuben Hadzide, Lucy Dekayi and Carol Amexo, all of the Ewe Association of Metropolitan Chicago! Others are Dr. Prince Hodogbey, Paul Sogbe ,Donatus Kotogbor and Rosemary Amegashie.

The President of the Ghana National Council of Metropolitan Chicago, Paa Kwasi Sam , was also there to represent the Ghanaian community.

The event took place at the luxurious Addrianna Banquet Hall, Markham Illinois. Beatrice and Dr. Ebenezer Tayui are known for assisting individuals and organizations in the Cameroonian and Ghanaian Communities home and abroad.

The wife of the Principal of an All-Girls School in Cameroon in the sixties, Mami Clara Ojong Tayui provided a home and was second mother of many past students who she came across whilst they were schooling. Indeed many of the past students showed up at the celebrations to pay their last respect to Mami Clara Tayui.

The Ewe Association’s Cultural troupe put up spectacular cultural performance at the event .

The Tayui family wish to thank all for the wonderful support and show of solidarity in this time of need.
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The President of the Ghana National Council : Paa Kwasi Sam

Torgbe Addo

Mama Awushie Adjaho


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