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These Everyday Foods Have Been Recalled — Avoid Them at All Costs

When buying groceries, the last thing that comes to mind is the chance that your fresh food will make you sick. Unfortunately, though, food recalls happen all the time. reminds us if there’s any reason to believe a food may be contaminated and make consumers ill, it must be taken off the market. The following products were recalled in the last year. Check your fridge and pantry for these foods.


We have bad news for North Carolina natives who purchase JBS ground beef: There was a massive recall. WRAL reported nearly 5,000 pounds of ground beef may be contaminated with packaging materials, like shredded styrofoam. The recalled beef was produced back in July, so check your frozen meats if you think you may have bought some around this time.
The following are the foods recalled by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA):

1. JBS USA ground beef

2. Bush’s Best Baked Beans
3. Bhu Foods protein bars
4. Great Value Frozen Organic Dark Sweet Pitted Cherries
5. Harris Teeter and Roundy’s hash browns
6. House of Thaller hummus
7. Tyson ready-to-eat chicken products
8. Nathan’s and Curtis hot dogs
9. Aunt Jemima frozen products
10. Campbell’s chicken soup products
11. Banquet frozen meals
12. Frito-Lay kettle cooked chips
12. Frito-Lay kettle cooked chips
14. Maradol papayas and
15. CC Kitchens meat and poultry salad products


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