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Shepherd to Shepherd Network of Clergy ” Be Your Brothers Keeper” From : Prince Osei Bonsu. Columbus Ohio.

The Shepherd to Shepherd Network of Clergy is a Fellowship of pastors and ministers who are committed to the call of God upon their lives. We are called to preach, lead, care, love, build, and sharpen one another within the body of Christ.

It is our desire to lead the people of God through the most excellent, most impacting, and most effective pastoral ministry possible.

Our fundamental principles are prayer, intimate relationship with God and being one another’s keeper “BE YOUR BROTHER’S KEEPER”.

We are pastors who understand that our vocation has personal and professional challenges. The pastorate alone and the work that is demanded of us can create unique pressures and problems to which only fellow pastors can relate and assist in solving the problems.

For this reason Shepard to Shepard Network of Clergy believes that Iron can sharpen Iron to become more sharper Iron – Proverbs 27:17

Shepherd to Shepherd Network of Clergy is a fellowship that endeavors to encourage, assist, edify, and celebrate one another in Kingdom work.

We are also in covenant for the purpose of kingdom building and the desire to connect and network our efforts towards the revitalization of Church leadership.

Shepherd to Shepherd Network of Clergy is non-denominational and does not legally bind its members.

Though we have guidelines which we follow, we do not seek to be an instrument of ecclesiastical restraint, thus each fellowship or church who willingly connects with this vision shall continue to maintain their own autonomy.

We, more than anything, seek the true essence of partnership in ministry which is to pray, encourage, give spiritual guidance and support to the members of the Body of Christ. Our focus is not on denominational and traditional strongholds but on promoting independence and fellowship while maintaining accountability.

The aims and objectives of Shepherd to Shepherd Network of Clergy :

. To act as a regulatory and advocacy body for ministers of the gospel

. To provide ordination for qualified candidates and pastors who wish to be ordained

. To elevate to higher Offices and promote networking and fellowship among members

. To foster unity among members

. To assist each member to build a spirit-filled church ready for the 2nd coming of Christ

. To assist members to live a life worthy of a minister

. To transform our church members through the preaching of the Word of God

Currently the network seeks to boast about 800 member Pastors from USA and other nations around the globe.

The Network was registered on November 20th, 2015 with USA as its headquarters.

Some degree of progress has been made since the registration. These include the establishment of foreign branches of Shepard to Shepherd Network of Clergy in India, Angola, Pakistan, United Kingdom, Togo, Liberia, South Africa, and Ghana.

The vision of Shepherd to Shepherd Network of Clergy is to develop an affiliated organizations in many countries of the world as the Lord leads. This vision begins with ‘one nation at a time.’

The principal organs of the are the Shepherd to Shepherd Network of Clergy LEADERSHIP TEAM (S2SLT)

The is Shepherd to Shepherd Network of Clergy directed by the S2SLT which is made up of officers of the Network that is the Regional Directors and other Bishops and Apostles.

The Shepherd to Shepherd Network of Clergy Leadership Team serves the Network by:

. Establishing the vision for and giving direction to the Network

. Advising and counseling of all Shepherd to Shepherd Network of Clergy members.

. Setting the directions and themes for the annual and regional conferences.

. Overseeing all areas of financial concerns including collection, budgeting, accounting and distribution.

. Providing annual report to the Network to help keep the members informed.


In order to reach out to each member in a more personal and meaningful way, the Network has been divided into geographical regions. Each geographical region is led by a regional director.

The Regional Directors serve their regions by:

. Helping to organize and lead the regional conference in their area.

. Organizing the region into sub regions

. Cultivating deeper fellowship and relationship among members

. Strategist to win more Pastors into the network.

. Supporting each other to building a healthy ministry

International Strategy Team:

This is a vital key to the development of Shepherd to Shepherd Network of Clergy world wide. In every nation there is a Pastor who feel lonely in ministry and need relationship and fellowship that a network like Shepherd to Shepherd Network of Clergy as to offer.

The International Strategy Team helps the Network to respond to individual member’s needs, networking across countries and continents, elevating members to ecclesiastical positions based on merit and holding each other’s hand for the purpose of brotherly love.

I am urging all members to see today’s gathering as a unique turning point in the annals of the SSNC, and resolve to work harder in the coming years to move the network forward for a summary progress.

Short Term Projects:

. Keeping members active such as regular Medical screening to help ensure good health

. Conferences, seminars and other educational programs

. Environmental cleanliness to help promote sanitation and instill in members the culture of environmental cleanliness.

Visitation to hospitals, prisons and homes to fellowship with inmates and facilitate social interaction between them and the Network.

. Giving donations through different charities events.

Generating income within the network and also through sponsors

. To establish welfare contributions to help provide financial assistance to members in the event of challenging or difficult times.

Medium Term Projects:

. To establish an office complex project to include a conference center facility and accommodation for visiting Pastors and members.

. To set up a special arbitration committees like Alternative Dispute Settlement Strategies. This will be the network’s contribution to help settle disputes between member pastors and members of the community.

. To establish a Bible School called “Shepherd Theological University”

An affiliate with Links University to enable members to acquire knowledge and meet the challenges of our times.

Projections for 2018

. To expand the network to European countries (e.g. Holland, Italy and Germany)

. To establish a secretariat in U.S.A

. To establish a secretariat in Ghana

. To build Universities in U.S.A. and Ghana

. To partner with the authorities in Ghana to deepened the Accra – Ohio sister city relationship

. To plan a trip to Israel for members to visit

. To identify grey areas of investment to support our various ministries

. Working hard to have the government’s recognition and approval in Ghana

. Networking with other sister Christian umbrella groups for unity


Inauguration at Accra:

A grand inauguration was organized in Ghana for the establishment of the Ghana chapter. A 3-day conference was put together which the last day was used to inaugurate the network.

The program was very successful with great attendance. Three (3) ministers were consecrated Apostles, five (5) Pastors ordained as reverend ministers and two (2) senior ministers honored with doctorate of divinity.

The speakers were Bishop Daniel Antwi Boasiako, Bishop Joseph Quist, Bishop Osei Bobbie, Rev. Dr. Ampiah-Kwofie, Rev. Dr. Lawrence Tetteh, Mama Francisca Duncan-Williams & others.


Our sponsors were Frimps Oil Company Ltd., All Times Capital Investment, Zoomlion Company Ltd. Our insurance partners were Esiliche Assurance Company Limited

We feel such a code is long overdue and vital to help check the nefarious and unprofessional conduct of some ministers of the Gospel, which tend to bring into disrepute the noble virtues of the clergy profession to present the church and the clergy profession in a very favorable manner as holy calling from God in tune with His word.

Currently, the conduct of some so-called professed ministers of the Gospel leaves much to be desired and this tends to present the profession negatively in the eyes of the public and thus casts a slur on the Christian religion.

We feel such unholy conduct must cease, hence our call for a code of ethics, and the bad nuts flushed out.

Shepherd to Shepherd Network of Clergy is therefore seeking official and other forms of support to back its efforts at ensuring that a code of ethics and other necessary checks are instituted in the clergy profession and to further ensure that no one takes advantage under the guise of practicing Christianity to exploit others for personal and selfish gains.

Shepherd to Shepherd Network of Clergy has got a herculean task hence our appeal for assistance in support of our efforts.

I would like to appeal to all those who feel offended one way or the other to try to forgive and let us build this unique network with brotherly love. There is an adage which say’s to forgive is Divine.

It is my sincere hope and desire that everyone who is connected to SHEPHERD TO SHEPHERD NETWORK OF CLERGY will be uplifted into a higher and deeper relationship with the Lord.


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