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Ambassador Pamela Bridgewater

An Educational Offensive: Letter to the Editor

For over 20 years The Africa Society of the National Summit on Africa has been a leading nonpartisan, non-profit organization with a mission to educate and advocate for African nations and peoples. Our Board of Directors and others who engage regularly with Africa were shocked and dismayed by the reported utterances alleged to have been made recently by the President of the United States relative to immigration from African (and other) nations. Being shocked and dismayed is an insufficient response.

The Africa Society does not seek to camouflage the development, governance, security and other challenges faced by many nations to various degrees. We engage through partnerships to help address and meet those challenges. We therefore invite and urge audiences and officials at all levels to learn more and accurate information about Africa in a structured manner via reputable resources. We suggest, for example, sources like the United States Census Bureau, The Library of Congress, The African Union and other respected organizations, who report, inter alia, that African immigrants have the highest academic achievement in the United States of any other group of immigrants.

It is a disservice to our nation and to our valued African partners to broad brush a continent inaccurately and disparagingly; we would not wish for the United States to be defined by inaccuracies and misrepresentations by those who are ill informed about the complexities of our diverse nation.

The Africa Society urges that these derogatory and offensive remarks be retracted immediately. Words and actions matter. The Africa Society will redouble its efforts to educate, advocate and inform accurately and respectfully about African nations, the African Diaspora and African peoples.

The Board of Directors

Ambassador Pamela E. Bridgewater (ret.) Chair

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