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Ade Coker Eulogizes Alhajie Bature

The late Alhajie Bature

Today a good person has fallen oh what a mighty blow to humanity. I have known this good person from the test of time and my heart bleeds for such a good person. He says it as it is without fear or Favour. Little did we know that such a fearless person will depart so soon when there is unfinished business to be done .


Oh death why have you done this to us? If we knew we will have asked for a respite. Death has laid its icy hands on a good person. Time wait for no man so let us sow the seed of goodness on the sands of Time. Alhaji you will forever remain in my heart.

You remember when we met at Golden Tulip to broker Peace on ALHAJI and Alhaji breakup at Radio Gold. This will forever remain with me. Alhaji you fought a good fight. We will forever eulogize you. You are gone but not forgotten. Peace .

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