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Paa Kwasi Sam, President of the Ghana National Council of Metropolitan Chicago..

GNC President’s New Year Message To The Chicago Ghanaian Community.


Paa Kwasi Sam, President of the GNC.

Fellow Ghanaians in Chicago and its metropolis, as we bid the year 2017 goodbye and welcome in 2018 with high expectations and resolutions, we also want to thank first and foremost our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ for bringing us this far. Our sincerest gratitude goes to my Executives, members of the Ghana National Council, GNC, the Affiliate organizations, the Religious Community and the Ghanaian community in Chicago and its Metropolis as a whole for your patronage over the years.

Reflecting on the passing year, we painfully lost some members of our community to the icy hands of death. The most recent being the senseless killing of Mr. Albert Adu Aboagye, by unknown assailants during the wee hours of Christmas day, December 25 2017. We also lost Mrs. Elizabeth Bekoe, a former President of the GNC earlier in the year. Our thoughts and prayers go to the bereaved families of all those who died during the year 2017. The memories of the departed will forever remain with us. During the year in review, we also celebrated births, marriages, retirements, and others as a community. We strongly appeal to members of the Ghanaian community who do not belong to any organization or association to do so.
In the spirit of Unity, the fabric that hold our community together is our rich culture and heritage so it’s very necessary to join your group.

The year 2017 brought its own challenges for the Ghana National Council of Metropolitan Chicago and the whole of the Chicago Ghanaian Community in general. Together we overcame most of the challenges and stand tall as a people! We take pride in our collective achievements and yearn for more come 2018. Our resolve and quest to beat all odds and keep improving is part of our heritage.

We are happy to inform you that for the first time, Ghanafest has become a viable function that could help the GNC achieve some of its dreams in the shortest possible time. We made tangible gains from the Ghana Independence celebrations too. As we go into the new year, our prayers go to all members of the community for God’s sustenance so that you can continue to support the programs of the GNC. We encourage members of the community and businesses to support other programs geared towards our kids and youth. Programs such as back to school events where school supplies are given free of charges to students in the community etc. are ideal and important to support.

Together, our strength and achievements would be unparalleled! We are therefore urging members of the Ghanaian community to show extraordinary tolerance towards each other, accommodate each other’s point of view, come together as a community and unite! This we believe, will make the Ghanaian Community, regardless of our association, affiliation, tribe or creed strong, unified and prosperous! In 2018, we are challenging Ghanaian religious groups, GNC affiliate Associations and Ghanaian businesses to increase their participation and support to the GNC. We have put in place a vibrant committee to once again help the council to acquire a community center. We urge members of the community when called upon, to come out and put your experiences and talents behind us. This will enable us achieve the noble Ghanaian Community Center or Ghana House dream in the earliest conceivable time.
May the Almighty Lord grant us the necessary tools to empower ourselves, may He bless the Ghanaian community and Ghanaians wherever they are!

We wish everyone a Happy and Prosperous New Year.

Long Live the GNC,

Long Live the Ghanaian Community in Chicago ,

Long live Ghana.

Paa Kwasi Sam (President)

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