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Afrikavi CHRIS writes in response to Palmer Buckles defense of Nana Addo’s Homosexual statement..


What is wrong is wrong and what is right is right. Wrong cannot become RIGHT because a religious leader says so.

The Judges of the RIGHTFULNESS of the President’s response to the question of homosexuality in Ghana is the collective consciousness of the people of Ghana. Our collective morality, values and cultural identity that finds expression in our laws is what makes the President’s response inappropriate.

“Bound to happen” is predictive enough. I don’t think our President is God to know that homosexuality is “bound to happen”.

To therefore say our president was right because “The President is not God and cannot say that Ghana will never accept it” is most interesting and shocking.

If the President is not God and cannot therefore say that Ghana will NEVER accept it, is he then God to emphatically say it is “bound to happen”???

Let us be bold to defend our values, the fundamental rights of the current generation, the yet to be born AND the rights of the next generation by saying NO to any ORDER that is inconsistent with our family values and cultural heritage.

For the avoidance of doubt, previous governments and other African leaders have been emphatic with their answer on the matter which succinctly reflect our African values and culture. The President has therefore NO defense in this matter as far as we are concerned as Ghanaians and Africans. It is contrary to the opinion of the masses in Ghana.


1. Effective dealing with corruption and prosecution of all corrupt government officials.

2. Enforcement of laws on Child and Women abuses and violations in Ghana

3. Removal of Child slavery from the Volta Lake among others

4. Protection of the Rights of students dying as a result of congestion in schools among others

5. Promoting equal access to education and economic opportunities

7. Disability Right matters, persons with mental disability, physical challenges, hearing impaired and the likes

8. Promotion of aged Rights and aged care

9. Rights of prisoners and suspects.

10. Many more Fundamental Rights issues.

Homosexuality is certainly not an issue in Ghana now unless the President desires to set that agenda.

Let us continue to be CITIZENS!

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