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Nana Addo throws human rights credentials to the dogs !
Posted by admin on 18th December 2017

A worker of the National Identification Authority (NIA), Wisdom Kweku Deku, affectionately called Yayra Koku has been dismissed from the NIA on the orders of the President, Nana Akufo Addo, because he is a member of the NDC!
A letter written to him dated November 24, 2017 and signed by the Acting Executive Secretary of the NIA, Ken Attafuah, a human rights lawyer announcing his dismissal did not state the cause of the dismissal.
“I write to inform you that the National Identification Authority (NIA) has decided to terminate your employment with immediate effect. You are entitled to one (1) month’s salary in liu of notice as stipulated in your letter confirming your employment”, the dismissal letter simply said. It then instructed him to handover any of the Authority’s properties in his custody to the Acting Head of Technology and Biometrics before November 28, 2017. The letter then reminded him of the oath of secrecy he took not to divulge any matter concerning the operations of the NIA to anybody.
Yayra must have seen his dismissal coming because according to very reliable sources within the NIA, as soon as the NPP took over the reigns of government, the new President , Akufo-Addo began asking of him apparently because of his comments on social media.
From thereon, management began to sideline him, handing over his job to others. The writing was clearly on the wall at this stage that the President wanted him out of the outfit.
A smart and intelligent young man, a husband and a father, Yayra Koku is incredibly gifted with issues relating to ICT. He was thus a key figure at the NIA until his dismissal. When Vice-President Bawumia visited the NIA soon after the NPP came to power, management fell on Yayra Koku to take the Vice-President round and explain to him the operations of the Authority. He delivered the task with distinction. However, that did not stop the NIA from sacking him; in fact some opine that it expedited his dismissal becausse the searchlight on him after this became a 24/7 matter.
Minister for Information, Mustapha Hamid, trying to justify the dismissal of Yayra Koku said on Friday he was dismissed for criticising President Akufo-Addo. Why criticising the President has become an offence in Ghana punishable by dismissal is rather strange. Ironically, Mustapha Hamid was a firece critic of then President Mahama when the NDC was in power but he was never sacked from the University of Cape Coast (UCC), a government institution, where he was a lecturer.
Under President Mahama, a lot of NPP members took to social media to criticise him with some even insulting him. However, none of them was ever sacked. One of the fircest critics of President Mahama was Nana Damoah, a member of the Communication team of the NPP. Despite his anti-Mahama sentiments, it was during the era of President Mahama that he was employed by the Ghana Revenue Authority into its Customs Division. One would have thought that President Akufo-Addo, having styled himself as a human rights lawyer, would be far tolerant than his predeccessor. That, obviously, is not the case. Akufo-Addo has thrown human rights issues to the dogs!
Ironically, Ken Attafuah, the man who signed Yayra’s dismissal letter has also held himself over the years as a human rights lawyer. In 2009, when the NDC came to power, he said in an interview that “The cycle of reprisals and political vendentaa must not be allowed to continue. It has stalled the development of this country and we do not seem to end the stalemate. I cannot be described as somebody who is incopetent. I remember Valerie Sawyerr calling to express her gratitude to me for the good work I did at the NIA and that I was one of the hard working individuals she has ever seen. This clearly cannot be said to be incompetence.”
Clearly, Ken Attafuah’s song has changed today becaue it is an NDC person who is at the receiving end!