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Dr Akofa Segbefia writes…….NPP vrs Charlotte Osei.

There are times that I feel like keeping my fingers frozen or my mouth shut over certain issues in this country. Bcoz of what I do, I get information from many sources. Very credible sources, I mean.
Simply put, not everyone in the NPP is happy with what the government is putting Charlotte Osei and her Deputies through. So, when this NPP friend of mine showed me a document of a plan by some high ranking members of the government, the first thing I told her was to be bold and go public with it. She responded that she would be eliminated if she did that, but told me she was discussing the issue with me bcoz of what she termed my “objective and independent mindedness.” I don’t know what this means, anyway.

In the document, the plan is for the NPP to register at least a million foreigners as Ghanaians and get them issued with the Ghana Card, then pressurize the EC to abandon the current voters register and do a new one altogether. The only form of identification for the new register will be the Ghana Card, so the NPP has a guarantee of a million people on the register. See?
The document said the boss of the National Identification Authority [NIA], Ken Attafuah, is in the loop. So, how does Charlotte Osei come in? The document reveals that Charlotte is too meticulous for their comfort and would be an impediment in the pursuit of this agenda. It says Charlotte is very adept at what she does. Solution? Get her out of the place at all costs. That’s the only way out.

My friend made it clear that she knows her people: once they set their minds on something, they get it and damn the consequences.
It is frightening, to say the least.
My friend’s fear is that the Charlotte Osei issue has the potential to destabilize this country, by her reckoning.
Now, I understand why the government has admitted a petition by faceless accusers and is asking the EC Chair to respond without telling her who the accusers are.
I understand why staff of the NIA suspected to be close to the NDC govt are sidelined in its operations and NPP sympathizers are running parallel duties at the Authority.

I understand why parallel desks are being run in many of our Ministries.
My sad conclusion is that there are people who consider themselves far greater than this country.

I reckon that only God can deliver this nation.
I only hope that the document I was shown is not true…

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