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Sadick Responds to Bawumia ……

By Sadick Abubakar
National Youth President of the United African Congress USA
Mechanical Engineer, Security, Ai and Robotics Specialist Response to Dr BAWUMIA.

Our current VP is verbosely a garbage compiler. There exists a distinct line between being able to articulate nonsense with the most flagrant erudition vs spewing rational decisions with simple language. The GhanaPostGPS system is a complete sham and it must not go without saying that jumping precedence in designing and executing this project is not the way to go. Postal codes do not require any unique algorithms to generate. They could be assigned by surveyors. To say code 1 is 500m, 2 is 500m et al is an indication of lack of appreciation for geometric systems. Does the generated code represent a line of post code? 500m could not adequately represent any 2 dimensional space. And the postal codes do not represent a linear space. What is he talking about? This is just an example from the VP’s response. Garbage. Ghana must work again.

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