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New claimant to Ga stool emerges amidst violence

A press conference organized by another claimant to the Ga stool at Bukom in Accra has been disrupted by angry youth leading to the arrest of one.
The angry youth wielded machetes as they stormed the Abola Piam We where the press conference was being held and threw broken bottles at people.
Joy News’ Matilda Wemegah was at the scene and reported commotion in the area requiring police reinforcement to deal with the situation.

The new claimant to the stool, Nii Tackie Oblie from Abola Piam We, one of the four ruling royal houses says he is the legitimate Ga Mantse.
He said the Adama Latse and the newly installed chief, Nii Tackie Teiko Tsuru are claiming what does not belong to them.
“Abola Piam We royal house has for the last 13 years resorted to peaceful means to resolve this Ga Mantse impasse. Our resolve towards a peaceful means to resolve the impasse has, however, been taken to mean our weakness.
“We are by no means a riotous people, but we will no longer sit down for the course of history to be distorted. Our lineage and that of all the kings who have passed through Abola Piam We will not be erased,” he added.
The new claimant said his royal household has lost faith in the elderly to do the right thing and that their trust in them has “eroded.”
He accused the Dzaasetse, Dr. Nii Tetteh Kwei of failing to live up to his mandate.
“He has demonstrated time and again that he cannot be counted on to bring peace to the Ga state and restore it to its former glory.”
Abola Piam We, he said, will take it no more and that “we will rise and claim what rightfully belongs to us.”
He disclosed that the Abola Piam We have started the initiation process to install a legitimate Ga Mantse.

Meanwhile, there is still a heavy police presence in the area.
Matilda says the police say they will be in the area until tensions calm.
Greater Accra Region has witnessed some of the prolonged and the fiercest chieftaincy disputes in the country’s history, mainly on the choice of who becomes a Ga Mantse.
Every time a new chief is installed, it is countered by another claiming to be the rightful claimants of the Ga stool.

Source: myjoyonline.com

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