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The late Mrs. Elizabeth Bokoe:

Celebrating the life of one of Chicago’s Ghanaian Community icon…A

Chicago September 29 – 30 2017: Many came and gave glowing tribute to her generosity. The late Mrs. Elizabeth Bekoe welcomed family, friends and others to her home. At a point when the Ghana National Council of Metropolitan Chicago, GNC, could not have a place for their monthly meetings, she volunteered her home to the GNC. She was the only female who rose during her time through the ranks to become President of the GNC! She was very active in the Asanteman Association. At times when the Asanteman Association needs volunteers to take care of the gate proceeds at events or functions, the late Mrs. Bekoe would not hesitate to join other members who volunteer, her age not counting! The statements above represent some of the activities of the late Mrs. Elizabeth Bekoe in the Ghanaian community prior to the sudden announcement of her death. Many in the community could hardly believe she has passed on to glory as the sad news surfaced like wildfire a few weeks ago. It was therefore not surprising as members of the Ghanaian community came out massively to support and mourn with the family and friends of the Bekoe’s . The events for her memorial service, burial and final funeral rites started on Friday September 29 with viewing that later turned into a memorial service. The actual memorial service was held on Saturday September 30 2017, at the South Shore United Methodist Church,7350 S Jeffrey, Chicago IL ! The spacious church was over crowded. Despite parking constraints, the final funeral rites at 328 S Marshfield, Chicago Illinois was also heavily attended.

The President of the GNC, Paa Kwasi Sam, on behalf of the Ghana National Council donated one thousand dollars to the bereaved family. As expected, members of both Asanteman Association and Okuapeman Fekuo came in large numbers to support the late Mrs. Elizabeth Bekoe who used to be a member of both organizations. Also ,chiefs , elders and members of all the Affiliate organizations of the GNC were present to honor the late leader of the community. The lenses of were there to bring these images to our worldwide viewers.

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