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Matters Arising after “being in comfortable lead”

Some news I heard last week, got me thinking for so many hours throughout the night into this morning, and forced me to ask myself and other comrades in the National Democratic Congress (NDC) some questions.
For me, for whatever it may be worth, I do believe that we must be sincere with ourselves and realise sooner than later that our quest to be politically relevant, politically in-tune with the people, politically strategic and politically prepared to prosecute a people-focused, nation-driven and development-oriented campaign towards the 2020 elections, will not be dependent on how many words of attack, insult and negativity we direct towards the person, image, tenure, achievements of John Dramani Mahama.

Over the last few months, thanks to the defeat at the 2016 polls, we have been living witnesses to a barrage of unwarranted attacks and insults on Mr. Mahama. Sadly, these unfortunate attacks are being coordinated by grown-ups who are desirous of pushing themselves and/or their preferred candidates to the leadership of the party for the 2020 elections.

My question, though, is this – Will it take misdirected attacks, insults and open hostility against Mr. Mahama to propel them to the Presidential Candidacy of the NDC? Some of the persons coordinating these insults – across internal WhatsApp platforms, Facebook, written articles, news stories, press conferences etc were appointees of the very Mr. Mahama and the NDC.

It begs the question – what at all do they want?

My brothers and sisters, you are free to campaign for whoever you want to. You are also free to assemble anyone to preach to them your good news. But please, let’s stop calling people together to discuss and agree on the best ways to attack and denigrate the character and person of H.E. John Dramani Mahama, as a way to force him out of the ‘race’.

Please let us stop sending out attack dogs to publish falsehood and write spurious pieces that will not propel you to victory.

Back to my week thoughts – So, the Functional Executives of our Party met, and despite the briefing given them by the General Secretary of the Party, they still believed that the Unity Walk is a John Mahama initiative or project. What is fuelling this misplaced belief?

I think we need to give John Mahama some credit. If the John Mahama that I have come to know wants to start a campaign, that will definitely not be his style.

The noise that characterised the Tamale walk, both before and after, the uglier noises now and the decision of FEC does not augur well for the future.

Until he responded positively to the invitation from the Northern Regional Executives to join them for what was thought to be a worthwhile Party activity, the tempo and excitement for the event was non-existent.

From the monitoring of the walk and the statements of the Executives, it was a great outpouring of love for the man, John Mahama, and a desire for political activism by the grassroots of our party. They poured out of their homes in their numbers.

So, I ask, did he become the originator of the walk concept two days to the event? If he responded to an invitation from the Party, and the persons crisscrossing the country campaigning did not avail themselves of the opportunity, did that make it a John Mahama event?

Then wherein lies our sincerity when we go chasing him to attend other functions of the Party.

When we were eager to have him cancel other engagements to attend the Party School event, was it because he was the organiser?

When NEC, FEC and other regional executives go racing to him to help raise support for rent payments and other activities of the Party, is it because he owns the Party or because the Party is imposing him as Chairman/Leader?

Reading what was attributed to one of our honourable grandfathers, my mind is flooded with so many thoughts. Why lie against a man you claim to respect, accusing him of organising a walk he did not organise?

Can we further ask ourselves, what have we been doing as senior comrades in our regions to whip up dying interest and sentiments of the people?

Maybe it is time to get innovative and think through some options, rather than allow jealousy and fear to crowd us out.

If I were in a position to advise him, I would simply say, Mr. John Mahama, please stay away from all Party activities until we finish electing Alban Bagbin, Joshua Alabi. Oppong Fosu, Sylvester Mensah, Horace Ankrah, Ekwow Spio Garbrah, Kwabena Duffuor or is it Kwesi Botchwey as Presidential Candidate, and come out and support as best you can for the 2020 elections.

Until then, with all due respect, maybe the Party should also, please, send all budgets and needs to the above gentlemen and Party Founder Jerry Rawlings for financing. Or?
Well, this game has just started.

Written by Wisdom Peter Awuku

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