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Free SHS Is Not Only A Social Intervention Policy; It Is A Divine Intervention From God!

The Divine Intervention of seeing me in Secondary School is the Agenda of Free SHS Policy. My story saids it all.

Few years back, I completed JSS at Nuaso/Apinkra D/A. From the grades we (candidates) had, I was the best with Aggregate 15 (emphasis of where I’m coming from). The Computer School Selection and Placement System (CSSPS) had begun. I was placed at Jachie Pramso Senior High to offer General Science. I went to the school with our Church Catechist. Total fees for Day Student was Nine Hundred and Eighty Thousand Cedis (98 Ghana Cedis).

Mummy, a farmer, was sick. She was receiving treatment. Daddy left us when I was 4. Brothers and sisters have no the means. Left in the HOPE of the Divine Intervention.

I remember keeping 24hrs indoor shedding tears because I have the dream to enroll in Secondary Education but it looks that ambition is burried in the ditch!

I remembered. Mummy told me to go and see Uncle Fordjour who works with Ghana Railways as a security guard (watchman) and stays At Asawase (a suburb of Kumasi).

With the little from my menial jobs, I decided to comb Kumasi Railways and Asawase in search of my uncle with the HOPE of any miracle intervention in which we are seeing from Free SHS Policy today.

At 5am, my journey had started.
I bored a car to Kumasi Railways.
I started asking for my uncle.
Sadly, nobody seems to know him.
I walked for hours. After 1pm, I bored a car to Asawase.

I started walking and asking anybody if they know my uncle and where he lives.

Finally, one good Samaritan arrived.
I went with him,
I saw my uncle,
I was more sad.
Uncle was in his sick bed for months.
I told uncle my story,
I showed uncle my results.
Uncle started crying.
He said in Twi “Kwame Poku” as he calls me, “I’m very sick as you can see. But I have to do everything possible to make you go to school. Go and come back tomorrow.”

I thanked him.
I was grateful to him.
I sensed some words of HOPE from him.
I came the next day. I didn’t walk for long because I noted some landmarks during my first journey.

He told me, “Kwame Opoku I tried all I can. I could only get Eight Hundred Thousand Cedis (80 Ghana Cedis). Please take it and make some part payment. They might consider and admit you and pay the remaining later”.

I collected it.
I thanked him immensely.
I told him I’m grateful.
The next day, I went to the school with my Catechist.

Bowak (JAPOSA will understand) accepted my part payment. I started school as a Day Student.

Uncle couldn’t stand up on his feet from his sick bed again until he passed away in the third term of my first year Secondary Education (RIP Uncle).

With the little savings from my holiday work, the effort of my mum after she recovered and Church Donations, I completed school, worked for a while, got admission to KNUST through Less Endowed Initiative (thanks to Prof. Andam), studied hard whiles working, completed University with First Class Honours, served as a Teaching Assistant, did my Second Degree in Research and now working!

Completing Secondary Education is the level ground to propel younger generations to the future. Basic level is far too low.

I was able to move forward with many opportunities after my Secondary Education. Free SHS will afford every Ghanaian child the opportunity to grab the opportunities available to him/her.

Let us all support Free SHS for it is a God’s Intervention Policy for many Ghanaians if not to all!

©Gabriel Asante
Bosomtwe District

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