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A memorable 50th birthday bash in Chicago…A

August 26 2017 Chicago Illinois: The spotlight was beamed on one of Chicago’s own beautiful daughters, Ms. Juliana Owoo-Battlet, at the South Central Community Cultural Center on 83rd and Ellis Avenue. The event was one of the most elegant and well attended 50th birthday celebrations in Chicago recently with over 300 attendees. The hall was transformed into a luxurious banquet by Sankofa Decorations. The President of the Ghana National Council of Metropolitan Chicago,GNC, Paa Kwasi Sam and his spouse, Juliana Sam , who bears the same first name like the celebrant were in attendance to support. Ceremonial chief’s, Queenmother’s, elders and members of the GNC affiliate Associations were strongly represented. The event climaxed when Juliana Owoo-Buttlet , supported by family and friends took to the floor and delivered some spectacular dance moves!

Ms. Juliana Owoo-Buttlet , her family and friends thank all who supported them in diverse ways.
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