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2016 Elections In Retrospect; Shrewd Akufo-Addo Versus… JUNKETING MAHAMA

By Peter Apisawu

The unprecedented embarrassing defeat the John Dramani Mahama administration suffered at the hands of the New Patriotic Party’s (NPP) Nana Akufo-Addo in the 2016 General Elections has open the floodgate of reactions from varied members, sympathisers cum non-members of the National Democratic Congress (NDC). This is to be expected in a multi-party democracy; where ideas, views and opinions are freely traded without let, but are done in tandem with accepted norms and rules of engagement.
Unfortunately, what some former Mahama government appointees, communicators, apparatchiks and surrogates fail to appreciate is what election is all about to a political party and indeed, the voting masses.
Election is about impression creation. It is about doing what the people want through fashioning out tangible policies and credible programmes. In fact, it is an art of communicating programmes and policies to the citizenry so that these policies can perfectly resonate with the electorate. That is why if a political party has communicators who babble and discourse without substance, then it has a huge crisis at hand. This was exactly what the immediate-past Mahama government had embroiled itself with, which ultimately culminated in its monumental humiliating defeat at polls.
Having suffered this kind of unparalleled defeat in the hands of a supposed frail political party like the NPP, these Mahama sycophants and uninitiated fanatics find themselves in quagmires and simply cannot come to terms with the embarrassing defeat. These surrogates are trying, unsuccessfully though, to adduce uninformed reasons for their awkward performance at the polls. Unfortunately for them, since they cannot find any tangible reasons for their excruciating defeat, these Mahama charges have resorted to Machiavellian intrigues, viz; attacks, blackmail, name-calling and downright lies against anybody who raises eyebrows or criticises Mahama’s abysmal performance while in government.

Consequently, it is very obvious the John Dramani Mahama bloc and their surrogates like Valerie Sawyerr will do anything in their bid to ensure that their non-performing and unexciting ‘playmate’ (apologies to Dela Coffie) stage a comeback, even if it means smearing, blackmailing and viciously attacking the Founder of the National mDemocratic Congress (NDC), Flt Lt Jerry John Rawlings.
The sad and preposterous aspect of this whole thing is the fact that those who are suffering from mental disorders, characterised by abnormal social behaviours and failure to understand what is real, are the ones doing the fight on behalf of unexciting John Mahama.
Ridiculously, the latest to join the foray is a certain questionable character, affected with a personality disorder marked by aggressive, violent, anti-social thought and behaviour and a lack of remorse or empathy!
In fact, one simply does not get it when John Mahama proxies blame ex-president Rawlings for the shameful defeat they suffered in the 2016 Elections. However, having said that, one concedes that it is their constitutional right to hold such warped and crass ignorant view without adducing any cogent reason to establish their claim.
Much as one recognises their right to praise humdrum Mahama to high heavens without let; in a similar fashion, it is expected that these Mahama cohorts will reciprocate this gesture by being comfortable whenever criticism is raised about how he was a disaster in government, which consequently culminated in his monumental defeat in the 2016 elections.
A Mahama fanatic recently wrote on his Facebook wall, claiming that it was Mahama who used his communications skills to fend off the opponents of Mr Rawlings when they attacked him. Hear him; “…it took the likes of John Mahama to deploy their communications skills to deflect some of those attacks (apparently, by the NPP under Kufuor on Rawlings and his family).”
One wonders why Mahama could not deploy same ‘communications skills’ to do justice to his senseless and inhumane policies, which consequently led to his historic and disgraceful defeat, if indeed he had any ‘communications skills’.
This junketing Mahama, at a point in time, ignorantly, had cause to complain vehemently in an interview with the “Ovation” magazine, that there was a cabal of journalists ‘doing him in’; while chiding his policy communicators. According to him, his own communications team could not properly educate the populace regarding his policies. I don’t know whether he was expecting my grandfather in the village to come and do the policy explanation to the Ghanaian citizenry, when he surrounded himself with a nucleus of psychopaths and nonentities who know next to nothing.
The amazing thing here in Ghana, as I have always said, is that we don’t pay those who can think through problems and arrive at workable solutions, to propel the country to the height we desire it to be. Unfortunately, we pay people who talk without substance – the propagandists, who encircled Mahama during his abysmal government.
In other jurisdictions, management and indeed, leadership, spends about 60% to 80% of its useful resource – time – thinking; whilst in our part of the world, those at the helm of affairs spend a great deal of this precious resource and commodity called time, junketing and talking! How can we make progress with these kinds of daft characters whose attitude is to indulge in promiscuous life at the seat of government? In fact, under John Mahama, all sorts of things happened in the Flagstaff House, the seat of government. This was the time the seat of government was desecrated and polluted so much to the extent that an old woman (they say she holds a PhD) could recklessly sleep with anybody at all in her office, including boys who could easily pass as her ‘children’. This old woman could be seen drinking freely and smoking ‘wee’ with some of the ‘wee’ smokers in the Flagstaff House. She even had the effrontery to slap journalists who ‘annoyed’ her anytime her sickness arrived (I’m told she suffers from a schizophrenic tendencies and she is a psychopath, for that matter).
Any time I hear those who tout Mahama as having exceptional communications skills, I cringe. I always ask them, “what ‘communications skills’ are you talking about, if I may ask?”
This was a man wallowing in deception and whose communicators couldn’t communicate his policies, plans, and programmes to the electorate in the 2016 elections. Consequently, this disaster and junketing of a president (?) was roundly humiliated by a so-called fragmented party with its ‘weak leader.’
When he, Mahama, supervised the dirty insults hurled on Mr Rawlings by those lads of his, how could he expect him (Rawlings) to campaign for him?
The irony of this whole thing was that, whilst Mahama and his silly gangs were busily insulting Rawlings, Nana Addo and his NPP were seriously courting the Rawlingses and the Kojo Tsikatas. How stupid could they (the insulting brigades) be!!

Dear reader, did you hear Nana Addo in his victory speech single out Rawlings and Kojo Tsikata for ‘useful piece of advice they offered him that ultimately culminated in his victory? He is the smartest politician you can find in Ghana. While Mahama was busily using ‘wee smokers’ on stage, singing useless and dirty songs, Nana Addo was using Christian Gospel singers on stage. While Mahama had forgotten about the Holy Writ, Nana Addo was busily quoting from the Scriptures, viz; “The Battle is the Lord’s “. While Mahama was prevaricating and junketing all over the place, Nana Addo was seriously appealing to the conscience of the electorates. It was therefore not surprising when he humiliated JM roundly and resoundingly.

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