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Edudzi Kudzo Tameklo writes :-



As a young man who grew up in the Volta region,schooled in the Volta region,it was so natural(determininism) to associate with the National Democratic Congress.
After becoming politically conscious and responsible,I fully became a member of the party.
I have since taken various leadership position in the party.
I am so proud of my membership and association of the party.
My active involvement in the activities of the party started from late 2000.
Incidentally,that was the year we lost political power.
Different reasons were given for the defeat of the party.
People say it was verdict on the administration of Rawlings than on Mills.
People felt he was just going to be ‘remote controlled’ by Rawlings.
His own statement that he will consult the founder,was mischievously interpreted to mean he won’t be a man of his own.
Gabby infamously described him as a “poodle.”

On the frontpage of the Statesman newspaper,he did a cartoon with a dog with chain around the neck.
That was outrageous.

Prior to this,the famous Swedru Declaration had happened forcing Goosie Tannoh and co to leave to form the National Reform Party.
After we lost the 2000 elections,we had the Obed Asamoah Committee.
The rest is history.
I saw more of NDC under the leadership and direction of late President Professor Mills,may his gentle soul rest in peace.
I was naturally attracted to his intellect.He got his PhD at age 27.
I could brag with it like I got the PhD myself.
His calm demeanor was orgasmic.
It was like he couldn’t kill a fly.
It was such a transition.
From the Charismatic leader,Jerry Rawlings to the calm academic,Atta Mills.
The party that was once described as a party of low life(s).
The party that was born out of revolution,was now being led by a Fulbright scholar.


I had a bragging right.

So for me,Professor Mills was more than a leader,he gave me the hope to strive for excellence.
He was the embodiment of perseverance.Tough man.
When you got close to him,you will notice that he is a man of steel and industry.
Even though he was calm.
He was very resolute.
So I was very active in politics of NDC in the Dome Kwabenya Constituency,I still considered that constituency as my mother constituency.
So together,we were following the Professor.
His retail campaign strategy was solid.
It was beautiful.
Direct interaction with the electorates.
It an effective opposition campaign strategy.
It was beautiful to see Uncle Ato Ahwoi and others around the Central Cafeteria,University of Ghana,with their black board demonstrating the economics of petroleum pricing.
I miss those days.
So the first salvo came from Mrs Rawlings,when she infamously said,they won’t treat Mills with kids gloves again when then Candidate Mills opted for the affable Hon John Dramani Kwame Mahama.In my house,my late father was Kwame.
My mum is Ama.
My kid sister is Ama.My kid brother is Kwame.(Saturday borns).
I am the odd one,Kudzo.Monday born,we are very special.Haters will say it is not true.
This comment from Mrs Rawlings that they won’t treat Mills with kids gloves,was immediately interpreted by some political commentators that Mills was not a pushover.
He was a man of his own.

It is important to note that,at about that Mrs Rawlings was then a subject of criminal prosecution initiated by the Attorney General then,Hon Nana Addo Danquah Akufo Addo(as he then was).
The founder had more motivation to fight in the 2008 campaign especially after the bizarre circumstances surrounding the conviction and sentence of the respected Legal Colossus,Tsatsu Tsikata.
That conviction and sentence has since been set aside by the Court of Appeal.
Many of the NPP guys have indicated that because of the immunity enjoyed by Rawlings,the best way to get to him was through prosecuting the wife.The charges were about 15.

The talk then was that if Nana Addo had won the election of 2008,he was going to secure the conviction and sentence of Konadu,whether fair or foul just to get to Rawlings,who for a long kept calling him,”the short man.”
Ok,we finally won the election.
True to the rumors then,the Attorney General filed a nolle prosequi in respect of all the charges against Konadu.
Praise the Lord.

The victory of the NDC is coming and the people say,ehedzor……..

Then came the appointment of Ministers,the beginning of Mills trouble with the founder?
The attacks started by middle of 2009,when Mrs Rawlings declared her intentions to contest as Vice Chairperson of the NDC.
We met in Tamale in January,2010.
She was elected as the first Vice Chairperson.What we didn’t know was that, she wanted to use that platform for what political commentators have described as the “failed coup.”
She formed the FONKAR group to champion her attempt to unseat the leader of the NDC,President Professor Mills.
The attacks against Mills was largely personal.In fact some described Mills as “opportunist.”
Even after the Mrs Rawlings was humbled with the 3%,the attacks continued.
It was now daily.Persons associated with the founder continued attacking the leader of the party and President of Ghana.
Clearly,even if you loved the founder,you will dislike those conducts.
Professor Mills like all our leaders could not be perfect. Party members have expressed reservations about his “father for all” mantra.

As young people,we were not happy with events.
So we had a Facebook group,Critical Thinkers led by Hon Abass,then DCE for Fanteakwa.
Members of the group included the active NDC guys on Facebook then.Hajia Tawa aka Hajia Tee among others.
We decided that the attacks were becoming too much.
So we decided to approach a very good friend of our founder,Brigadier General Nunoo Mensah to intervene.
On the day of visit,I had a lecture,so Hajia and co went to see Brigadier Nunoo.I won’t put out what they claimed transpired.
The man was so happy with our initiative.
He promised to do his best to bring the two men together as he was personally troubled as he caught up in difficult situation.

He was a good friend of Rawlings and Security Advisor to Mills.
It was not too long when Mills died on that fateful Tuesday in July,2012.
I saw the news of the death of President Professor Mills,on the Facebook page of my NPP friend,Naabia.
I couldn’t believe it so I called people around the old man.
It was true,I wept from Pentagon Hostel to Kuku Hills campaign center.
I was terribly down.
Ghana loved Mills.Ghana buried him as a true son proudly loved.
It was genuinely believed that after the death of President Professor Mills, the acrimonious commentary of the founder towards the party will end.
It never happened.The attacks continued.
I saw personal directive from President Mahama to all his appointees never to “appear as responding to any attacks from Rawlings.”

President Mahama made sure that if you were an appointee and wanted to respond to the founder,you were simply to leave the government.

He personally reach out to the founder.
He tried to move on from the acrimonious relationship between Ridge and the government.
But can we sincerely say that the founder reciprocated that?
Let us be sincere with ourselves.
Nothing happened.

It was hard to see the founder openly praise the party he founded.
We are involved in competitive electoral politics,so when your own founder is the one leading the attacks on you,what would your opponents.

Most of the descriptions of the NDC appointees came from the founder.
“Babies with sharp teeth”,”old evil dwarves.”among others.
Can we sincerely say our founder was making the NDC attractive?let us be sincere here.
If you decide in a critical election,to say that the leader of the political opponent of the party that you were made the founder is not corrupt in an election where corruption became an issue,it can be inferred reasonably that you are campaigning for the opposition.

What exactly was the crime of the party?What exactly was the crime of the members of the party?why would you want to give political advantage to the NPP?
If you don’t like your tenant,you don’t burn the house you built or?
Today,after we lost power,members of our party became the subject of vicious attacks from the NPP.
Two of our party members were killed after the defeat.
How does the founder feel?happy?hell no.
Today,several young people who got employment under the NDC government are been sacked or transferred in the most arbitrary manner.

All the school feeding caterers have lost their jobs.
And many more.

Is our founder aware of these happenings?
How come he can’t speak to Nana Addo to stop these vicious sacking and transfers?
Which member of the party will like this loud silence of the founder towards the party?
It is a waste of time to hate the founder.
But you can legitimately dislike what he does.
God hates the sin and not the sinner.
That is why I cannot associate with the view that you can’t dislike the conduct of someone without hating him.
The part of the brain that hates,requires a lot of energy.Love is easier.
Choose love.
I,Edudzi have never hidden my dislike for what the founder does that I believe continue to destroy the political fortunes of the party.
I was ready to fight to ensure that the legacy of my founder continuous into eternity.
I had no difficulty at all in providing the best professional legal services to the oldest daughter of the founder to get her into Parliament.
It is one job I did that every morning that I was ready for court,I had text messages from anonymous people,some attacking me.

I said to myself that these people don’t know Edudzi.I don’t fear such cowardice.
What people do not know is that,I got married on Saturday,by Tuesday,I was in court to ensure that my client and sister in politics continued the legacy of the founder.
I will do it and do it again.
Because it is the right thing to do.
The rest is history.

I have no doubt that she will be a good MP.
Just that being opposition MP can be hell.
I am always happy that someone came from the Volta region,became President and did his best for Ghana.
At least,his name must not be allowed to die.Never
Thankfully,the daughter is in Parliament and I am happy about it.
The sins of the fathers should never be visited on the kids.Never
People should take personal responsibility for their own actions and not others.
That is the most sensible thing to do.

Do I know if tomorrow,my daughter will become NPP or CPP?Would it be fair for someone to say because Edudzi didn’t like NPP,the daughter will be measured by that?Repugnant.
We can show greater love to our founder by letting him know that he is hurting the party,how is that hatred?
God bless the NDC.

You are free to disagree with me.
Good morning and cheers.

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