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The screenshot of the miracle price list at the Greater Works Conference

MANASSEH’S FOLDER: ICGC’s miracle seed, Presby and LIC tithe

I could not believe my eyes when I logged on Facebook saw screenshots of monies and miracles that were supposedly promised people who paid the various amounts. The photos were taken during one of the sessions at the just-ended Greater Works Conference organized by the International Central Gospel Church (ICGC). I would not have been surprised if it had been from some churches.

My shock, however, (and that has been the shock of many) was because it was from the church headed by Pastor Mensa Otabil, one of the finest teachers of the gospel in the world today. I still doubted he had a hand in it and waited to get the full story before I could comment. While I waited, I heard and read the opinions of others on the subject. There were many categories of people who commented.

There were some members of the ICGC, who mounted a spirited defence of the approach. They saw nothing wrong with it. Some even reminded others who used their “money to buy liquor and condoms and drugs” that they had no business judging those who wanted to use their money for God’s work.

There were also those who had “meant” Pastor Mensa Otabil and thought this was a golden opportunity to “finish” him. Like venomous vipers, they descended heavily on him with all the verbal arsenals they could marshal for this rare opportunity to attack and bruise his reputation.

There was a group of “neutral” people who also thought, Christianity is a matter of faith and one does not have the right to question another person’s beliefs. They backed their submission with scriptures that empasised their position.

The background of the Miracle Price list

I decided to find out from a top member of the church who is in a position to know the inside story of the “miracle price list”. The explanation I had was that the church had not initiated that fundraising. It was not an initiative by Pastor Mensa Otabil either. One of the guest pastors (some sources have named Pastor Matthew Ashimolowo) initiated that fund raising during one of his sessions. He was said to have asked people to pledge certain amounts and the amounts pledged came with some miracles he had told the givers to use as prayer points and to expect.

The price list promised “Millionaire Status” for those who gave an offering of $5,000 or GHC21,500; Those who sowed a “Seed of a thousand times more” were to pay $1,000 or GHc4250. The least on the list of offering types was a $70 or GHc300 offering as a “seed of perfection.”

The information I had was that the amounts were not advertised on the screens to raise funds. It was to help those who had pledged different types of offering to remember what they had pledged and the cedi equivalent since the pastor who led in that session quoted the figures in US dollars.

The ICGC has not commented on the matter and I doubt it will. And many in their shoes would rather remain silent than to try to respond. If you invite a guest pastor and he does something that raises eyebrows, you don’t come out to disown him, especially when it is not a criminal or an illegal conduct. Besides, this is not the first time the pastor has done such thing. The difference this time was that it was typed and projected so some people took photographs and spread it. The reason for spreading? Your guess is as good as mine.

Is the miracle price list right or wrong?

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