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Adam David Ingber is an Illinois licensed trial attorney practicing in Chicago with a focus in plaintiff’s personal injury and death cases. He has prosecuted and defended Civil and Criminal cases in State and Federal courts and in Illinois, Indiana, and Missouri.

Legal Advice From The Law Offices Of ADAM DAVID INGBER, P.C.

Legal Advice From The Law Offices Of ADAM DAVID INGBER, P.C.
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Benjamin Franklin wrote: “A stich in time, saves nine.” So too, many of the common legal and financial pitfalls facing you can be avoided if you take some action to protect yourself in advance, before things go bad or you create a serious crisis.
Today, $50 and forethought can save you $500,000, or actually pay you that half-million dollars. How? The answer is the reason I decided to give you some free legal advice today about Automobiles.
Buying – Ownership of an automobile is controlled by a paper title. If you are buying a car, make sure you are receiving an original paper title issued by the State, signed by the seller — the same person to whom you are giving money, and MAKE SURE THAT THE TITLE DOES NOT have a “first secured party” and if one is listed, their signature must also be on the title releasing their interest. It is always best if possible to confirm with the lienholder that their signature is not forged before you pay. Do not pay until you are about to receive that ‘free and clear’ title, along with the keys and the car itself.
Insurance – Illinois Law requires that you maintain insurance on that vehicle. Get the best, not the worst, and get as high a liability limit as you can afford. That policy can up to your limit if you hurt or kill someone by accident. Even more directly important to you, it can pay you to your policy limit if someone else hurts you, but whom has little or no insurance.
(Ex. Bad Driver with common minimum coverage of $25,000, looks away and strikes your driver’s side at an intersection, You and / or your loved one have a broken leg or hip. Your hospital bills could be $50,000 to $250,000 + with surgery and a hospital stay. Likely your maximum recovery would be $25,000. And you would be left broken and broke –$225,000 to $450,000 in debt.
Instead, if you had a State Farm “250/500” or $250,000 per person, $500,000 per occurrence, liability coverage with the matching UM/UIM (Uninsured Motorist / Under-Insured Motorist), you and your loved one could recover up to $250,000 each.
So called “Full-Coverage” is not what its name implies. It only covers your car and it is very expensive. Consider a high deductible to lower the price.
Most important is to choose a good insurance company. Dealing with insurance is never easy, but in my experience, the bad ones can make things extremely difficult, and low-ball you if they offer anything.
The insurance companies are in the business of keeping as much money as they can get away with. They are not trying to pay-out. “Good Hands?” sure – for clutching the money until lawyers fight to pry it out with court orders. Make sure you know how they can help or hurt you before you deal with them.
How can you choose an insurance company wisely? The State of Illinois regulates all Illinois auto insurers, and quantifies the ratio of the number of complaints per million written in premiums. I recommend that you look at the report and choose an auto insurer with a complaint ratio of below 0.2. You are more likely to have a better outcome with these.
(Here is 2013:
DRIVERS LICENSES – Illinois wants you to get one if you are living here and you want to drive here.
This is by no means everything you need to know, but rather some important information to weigh in your decision making. If you have any questions please contact me or if you have an emergency or a new case, call me 24/7 at (312)-853-3588.

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