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Meet Gaddafi A Disabled Man Who Farms To Make A Living

A young physically challenged man identified as Gaddafi has become a viral sensation after a photo of him working on a farm land despite his state went viral.

The young man who hails from Zamfara state was spotted with a hoe with which he farms even though he has no legs. Gaddafi has proved that being disabled is not enough reason for one to be lazy.

Unlike many physically challenged persons who roam the streets begging for alms, the young man has taken to the use of his hands since they are in good shape.

He ventured into farming in order to fend for himself and not to depend on anyone. Gaddafi lost his legs after he suffered from poliomyelitis when he was a child. He has a rice farm which he clears constantly. This is his way of living.

Although the young man is still single, he has hope of getting married someday. The photo of the young disabled man was shared by Attahiru Mohammed, a Facebook user who was obviously struck by the attitude of the young man to work.

In this part of the world, a lot of disabled people lose the willingness to fight for their survival. They expect their loved ones to fend for them and become a liability over time.

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