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‘Acknowledge my presence’ – Amadu Sulley to Charlotte Osei


The Deputy Chair of Operations at the Electoral Commission, Amadu Sulley has called on the Commission’s Chairperson, Charlotte Osei to act in accordance with the structures of the Commission, following what he describes as her non-recognition of his presence.

In a leaked memo, Mr. Sulley complained that Mrs. Osei had refused to recognize his presence in the office since she resumed from her leave.

He alleged that though the Commission’s organisational structure allows the “other Deputy” to act in the absence of any of the Deputies, Madam Charlotte has refused to go by this directive and is rather dealing with the Director of Human Resource (Mr. Samuel Boadu) in the absence of the Deputy Chairperson in-charge of Corporate Services.

“I have observed with concern your non-recognition of my presence in the office since you ressumed from leave. This is because you have been dealing with the Director of Human Resource (Mr. Samuel Boadu) in the absence of the Deputy Chairperson, Corporate Services,” it said.

“Per the organisational structure of the Commission in the absence of any of the Deputies, the other Deputy acts on behalf of him/her. It is therefore unfortunate that you have resorted to use the Director of Human Resource (Mr. Samuel Boadu) as your Deputy contrary to administrative procedure.”

Amadu Sulley’s plea comes on the back of damning allegations Charlotte Osei made against him and other deputies.

Charlotte Osei had accused Amadu Sulley of effecting illegal vote transfers from his office on the voter management system.She had stated that such an action were in breach of the law and operational policies of the Commission, adding that it could have “major implications for the integrity of the work of the Commission and constitutes abuse of office.”

Madam Charlotte Osei and her deputies have clashed over a number of things including allegations and counter allegations against each other.

They have all come under intense pressure to resign, following allegations of corruption made against her by employees of the Commission in a petition and her response, which highlighted corrupt practices at the Commission.

The EC’s tensions came to the fore after some employees of the Commission petitioned President Akufo-Addo to dismiss Charlotte Osei for alleged financial malfeasance.

Among the allegations, the aggrieved employees claimed that Mrs. Osei awarded a GHc 3.9 million contract for work on an office complex without consulting the Commission.

Mrs. Osei rubbished the allegations in a comprehensive response to the employees, and fired some accusations at the Deputy Commissioner in-charge of Operations at the EC, Amadu Sulley.

She has sued the employees for making what she described as unsubstantiated allegations against her.

All the petitions have been forwarded to the Chief Justice.

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