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‘Trial and error’ at Obengfo Hospital tip of horrible things in Ghana – Prof. Boateng cries out



Prof. Kwabena Frimpong Boateng, former Chief Executive of Korle Bu Teaching Hospital has revealed, rather startling, that Joy News’ exposé of the ‘trial and error’ plastic surgeries at the Obengfo Hospital is just a tip of the iceberg in the country.

Dr. Dominic Obeng-Andoh the owner and officer-in-charge of the Obengfo Hospital at Weija in Accra has over the years been conducting plastic surgery on gullible patients though he was not licensed to practise as a surgeon.

This has been confirmed by the Ghana Dental and Medical Council. According to the Council, although he is a medical doctor, Dr. Obeng-Andoh is not a specialist in the area he professes to specialise in.

Prof. Frimpong Boateng told Joy News the revelation at Obengfo Hospital “is a very sad thing and a sad reflection of everything – regulation, medical practices, ethics and general patient care”.

He is therefore calling for severe sanction, if possible jail term for Dr. Obeng-Andoh and his like, wandering, “where in the world can you do that?”

He stressed, “this is probably a tip of the iceberg, lot of horrible things are happening in this country,” but people sometimes “get away” with them depending on the affiliation: such as school, relationship or political party.

“They should go to jail, terrible, causing body harm and destroying the lives of people,” he would not settle for anything less.

Also worrying for the renowned heart surgeon is the fact that most patients are not willing to pay a quarter of what they pay at private facilities when they visit government hospitals. Education is needed to cause this attitudinal change, he submitted.

Meanwhile, the President of the Ghana Medical Association, Dr. Kwabena Opoku-Adusei told Joy News, Dr Obeng-Andoh is not considered a member of the GMA because he has not been in good standing since 2008.

“Not paid his dues and not doing other official things that make him a member of the Ghana Medical Association,” he said.

He promised that his outfit will “not condone wrongdoing” and it is therefore working to protect the public from medical practitioners who are not delivering the right services to clients.

Dr. Opoku-Adusei appealed to the general public to report suspicious medical facilities for action to be taken on them: People can report to the Medical and Dental Council, Police and Ghana Health Service.

So far as the Ghana Medical Association is concerned, regrettably, the “highest sanction” they can administer is to take the offending member from their register, he noted.

Meanwhile, documents available to Joy News indicate that in November last year, the Medical and Dental Council suspended Dr. Obeng-Andoh following a disciplinary enquiry held on 13th June 2012 against him on a charge of advertising his hospital and erecting billboards at various vantage points contrary to section 3 of the medical profession.

He has appealed against the suspension.