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UVA Gathers “Fire-Woods” To Set 2017 CEANA Ablaze In New York

The United Volta Association— a New York-based non-profit socio-cultural ethnic organization popularly referred as “UVA” put up a spectacular traditionally oriented public show at Adam Clayton Powell Jr. State Building plaza in Harlem NY, to announce their preparedness as the host of this year’s 24th annual CEANA Festival and also whet appetite of prospective congregants on what to expect from August 31-September 4.

The mega concert staged on Saturday July 8 at the “African Square”—the famous 125th Street in New York City in conjunction with the African Studies Faculty of Binghamton University was to send the strong signal that, in a situation where fresh leaves become combustible, one should expect heavy fire from the dry foliage!

Indeed, the splendid traditional performances had the ecstatic crowd dazzled as they yearned for more even when it was obvious the show had come to an end. Many were those who had verbally expressed their regrets for missing the occasion and had already booked their tickets to avoid being bitten twice.

The concert dubbed the “Pre-CEANA African Cultural and Arts Exhibition Expo” charged the atmosphere with skillful display of various repertoire of African drumming and dances interlaced with live band African music, awesome acrobatic display and illusionism.

The occasion was that single stone that the association used to kill three birds in the sense that, it was meant to re-outdoor the existence of the association since her incorporation in October 1996 and also showcase the priceless indigenous traditions of Africans especially that of the Ewe heritage from Ghana, Togo, Benin and part of Nigeria.

Also, and worth noting, the event was used to create awareness to the general public of our pending 24th annual Convention of Ewe Associations in North America (CEANA) festival slated for August 31-September 4, 2017 at Westchester Marriott Hotel, Tarrytown, NY.

The CEANA as it explicitly implies, is the “Mother Organization” of all the Ewe Associations in North American geographical areas. It’s core objective is to supplement the crawling developmental projects and poverty reduction ambitions in Eweland by the respective Governments in Ghana, Togo and Benin through yearly rotational fundraising conventions amongst member associations.

This year, UVA has the mandate to host the event under the theme “Improving Healthcare Delivery System in Eweland” of which proceeds will be channeled to construct, equip and support earmarked healthcare related projects. Past CEANA projects undertaken includes building new schools, supplying school logistics, construction of boreholes for good drinking water, health fairs, and many more.

The general public (especially those within the geographical location) is invited to come and witness the “Grand-Mother of all CEANAs” in Tarrytown, NY especially from September 1-3, 2017. We are also appeal to all benevolent hearts donations (material or cash) to support our kith and kin in Eweland. Discounted Hotel Reservation codes are available and transportation to be coordinated upon request (from NYC to Tarrytown).

Performers at the event were the UVA Youth Cultural Troupe led by Prof. Nyamuame Elikem, Vida Mawufemor, Atsu Agbeko, Christian Horla Kutte and Komla Dossou; the Nukporfe African Dance Ensemble from Binghamton University also led by Prof Nyamuame; former Ghana National Dance Ensemble members like Yawuza Alhassan, Iddrisu Alhassan Abdulai, Francis Akotuah, Comfort Tetteh and Adjetey Leslie Kluffio supported by Ben Paulding, Scott Mordecai and Isaac Hirt-Meihermer. Others are Eseli Normanyo-Nutakor and her “Misago” Ladies from Maryland, the Gbolo Ladies from UVA and Ahenema Kete Group from Bronx, NY. Mohammed Alidu and the Bisung Family Band thrills the fans to live band music whilst Eric Ansuade and his African Warrior Acrobatic Group left fans with gazed-eyes and awestruck. Veteran MC Mr. Mawuli Agbenu sailed the concert.

The performance in Harlem was to gather the “fire-woods”; we are going to light the “Fire” in Tarrytown!

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Frank Goka,
(UVA PRO/Organizing Secretary)

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