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GaDangme Community Organization GACO, embroiled in Legal Tussle

“That’s a shame. They can always withdraw the case from court. Unfortunately there are people who are happy to see drama and chaos prevail.”… a community member wrote that in frustration!
……Winning a court case only for boasting is not wiser than taking the high road for peace! Frivolous lawsuit addicts should wise up and learn that there are more peaceful ways of resolving problems! Hope they all learnt from their past failed adventures in the courts!……………

Letter from Naa Dedei’s Attorney

A letter allegedly written by GaDangme secretary
The ruling on the Injunction

The GaDangme Community Organization’s attempt to destool their Manye, Naa Dedei Amobiye unfortunately has taken a new turn. The case is in court for resolution. The lawsuit was filed by Naa Dedei Amobiye . She alleges amongst others that:
• There was an election on December 12 2011, where the general assembly duly elected her Manye.
• Other Royal court members such as Joseph Afutu a.k.a NIi Akonfra, the Chief of GACO were also elected at the 2011 election.
• Up till date, there has been no election by the General assembly of GACO.
• Manye, Naa Dedei Amobiye and all the members of the Royal Court continue to hold their positions until the next regularly scheduled election.
• •She, Manye, Naa Dedei Amobiye remains Manye of GACO and has a protectable right in this office because she was duly elected and has been performing her functions and remains the legitimate Manye until new elections are held.
• On March 21 2015 Frederica Buckman, conspired with some elected GACO officials to draft and circulate a letter advising organizations in the Ghanaian community that she, Manye, Naa Dedei Amobiye, has been removed from her office.
• The contents of the letter were disputed by representatives of GACO General Assembly at the Ghana National Council meeting. An elected GACO official and a representative member of GACO who were present at the meeting also disputed the letter.
• Because of this, she, Manye, Naa Dedei Amobiye , was allowed to fully participate in the 2015 Ghanafest and continues to perform her functions as Manye of the organization to this day. The 2017 Kwahu dance demonstrates such one of Manye, Naa Dedei Amobiye’s functions.

Naa Dedei Amobiye cited portions of the GACO constitution that were broken by the group attempting to remove her.
Some of the reliefs she was requesting from the court are:
• To enjoin GACO from attempting to remove her until such a time when an election is held and a unduly new Manye is installed.
• To enjoin GACO from installing Juliet Ohui Owusu who has not been duly elected as the Manye.

The lawsuit includes an alleged battery, harassment, conspiracy, defamation of character, intentional infliction and emotional distress on the person of Naa Dedei Amobiye by Frederica Buckman and her group.
An attempt for a temporal restraining order on the publication of the new Manye in the Ghanafest Adbook and the annulment of the new Manye was denied by the court.

There was no judgement as to if she is no longer the Manye of the organization. The presiding Judge had allegedly stated that the positions in the GACO constitution does not have term limits; that is, when one ends his or her term and the next one commences so the status quo continues. This means that GACO technically has two Manyes at this time!

Source: Member of the community.

Our comments:
Hopefully cool heads would rein on both parties so that they can opt out of court for a permanent settlement or resolution by mediators or community elders . People urging both parties on must see reason and understand that courts does not and cannot resolve issues of human relations! Community elders and mediators do that! Win or lose in court does not actually benefit anyone ! As we print this, there is one other case in the court against the President of Gadangme and a warrant to arrest a member of the Gadangme! Where are we going from here?

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